Princess Cut Diamonds

The Princess cut, also known as a Square Modified Brilliant, is the second most popular cut of diamond. Developed in the 1970s, this is one of the newer cuts of diamonds. With brilliance to rival that of the round brilliant cut, the square Princess cut is a contemporary option for your engagement ring, or diamond jewellery.

The princess cut diamond features 76 facets, with a large table facet (large flat facet on the top of the diamond) and a deep pavilion.

Created as an alternative to the emerald cut, the Princess cut has vertically cut facets on the bottom half of each diamond, allowing for a spectacular display of brilliance and fire in each diamond. Usually cut as a square with sharp corners, the Princess cut can also be slightly rectangular.

Princess cut diamonds are beautiful in solitaire engagement rings, as they offer all of the excitement of a brilliant cut, with a more contemporary feel. They can also be channel set in wedding bands, made into beautiful pendants or into some other special piece of jewellery.

Princess Cut Diamond
Princess Cut Diamond

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