Heart Cut Diamonds

Considered the most romantic of all diamond cuts, the Heart shaped diamond is the ultimate expression of romance. The famous “Heart of Eternity” is a fancy vivid blue diamond, weighing 27.64 carats, has an estimated value of $16 million US, and served as the inspiration for the diamond pendant in the hit film, Titanic.

The heart shaped diamond is a modified brilliant cut, and can be most easily described as a pear shaped diamond with a cleft at the top. It is typically cut with 59 facets, but like many fancy cuts, this number can vary depending on the shape of the rough diamond.

heart cut

The brilliance of a heart shaped diamond lies with the cut. A heart shaped diamond with a very good or excellent cut will exhibit exceptional brilliance, while a poorly cut diamond will appear dull and lacking fire. A well cut heart shaped diamond will be symmetrical, with softly rounded lobes and an elegant angle at the point. This is one of the best cuts for showing off the colour of the diamond, due to its depth and width.

Heart shaped diamonds look best when set in a four claw setting and are a fantastic option for pendants. The unique look of the heart shaped diamond makes it a dramatic choice for a variety of diamond jewellery.

heart cut

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