Asscher Cut Diamonds

The Asscher cut, or Square Emerald Cut, was created in 1902 by Joseph Asscher. This cut caused a stir when it was created, as it was a sharp deviation from the round brilliant cut, the most popular cut at the time. The Asscher served as the inspiration for a variety of cuts, including the emerald cut.

A step cut, like the emerald cut, the Asscher has an elegant overall look, with the facets reflecting light back and forth like mirrors. It is a square shape, with dramatically cropped corners, giving it an almost octagonal appearance. The Asscher cut is characterized by a high crown, small table facet and deep pavilion, which allows it to have more fire than the emerald cut. This does mean that Asscher cut diamonds will appear slightly smaller in diameter than other diamonds of a similar carat weight. The facets in this style of cut will appear as a windmill pattern when you look at the diamond from the top view.

Asscher cuts were very popular during the Art Deco period, due to their elegant lines and geometric outlines. They lend themselves beautifully to Art Deco inspired jewellery, as well as to more contemporary looks and can work very well in a multi stone setting.

Asscher Cut Loose Diamond
Asscher Cut Loose Diamond

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