Brilliant Cut Diamonds

The Round Brilliant Diamond is what most people imagine when they think of a diamond. Round with a cone shaped bottom, the Round Brilliant is the classic diamond cut, popular in every style of diamond jewellery from engagement rings to fashion pendants, necklaces and bracelets. This cut accounts for over 75% of diamonds sold worldwide.

Originally created in 1919, the round brilliant has 58 facets, which is what allows this cut to appear very brilliant and full of fire. Thirty three of those facets are located on the top half of the diamond, called the crown, and twenty five on the pavilion, or the cone shaped bottom part of the diamond.

The Round Brilliant cut is the most expensive cut of diamond. This is because up to 50% of the original rough diamond weight is lost to cutting and polishing, due to the strict measurements required for a brilliant cut. Also, this style of cut requires an almost perfect octahedron shaped rough diamond crystal, whereas other cuts can be created from more irregularly shaped rough diamonds.

In addition to being the most expensive cut of diamond, the round brilliant is the most strictly graded cuts of diamonds, with respect to its cut grade. Graded based on criteria such as the percentage angles between the crown and the pavilion, the round brilliant has a range of ideal proportions that will contribute to the brilliance of each individual diamond. At Larsen Jewellery, we recommend purchasing a round brilliant diamond with a cut grade of Good or better to ensure the maximum brilliance in your diamond.

Round Diamond
Round Diamond

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