10 Celebrities with Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

January 6, 2015 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

The ladies in Hollywood love to set trends with statement fashion and jewellery pieces. Their diamond engagement rings are no exception! Many draw inspiration, whether intentionally or not when searching for their engagement ring from those that adorn the hands of the rich and famous.
One trend that has caught on across the globe is non-traditional engagement rings. We put this down to our need for something new, unique and different. These days many ladies want their rings to stand out and demand attention! This is not to say that understated and more classical styles are not still beautiful or popular. Many women prefer the timeless nature of a classic solitaire engagement ring with perhaps a few small diamonds to accentuate the centre stone. A classic style engagement ring is a versatile choice; you will never have to worry about outfit clashes!
But for those who have fallen in love with the idea of having something different, there is plenty of inspiration out there for you! What is meant by the term ‘non-traditional’ in reference to engagement rings? What fits into the ‘traditional’ category and what fits into the ‘non-traditional’ category?
The answer to this is very open… Generally, when we think of traditional engagement rings we think of solitaire engagement rings featuring, typically, a round brilliant cut diamond. Another classic-shaped diamond is the Princess cut. Traditionally engagement rings were made from yellow gold but nowadays the popular choice is white gold or platinum; white metals that serve to further enhance white diamonds. Styles may also feature smaller diamonds set into the shoulders or into a halo surrounding the central diamond.
On the other hand, a non-traditional engagement ring typically has a uniqueness that sets it aside from the classic styles. This can be anything from featuring coloured diamonds or gemstones, interesting settings, unique diamond cuts, engraved patterns, a vintage ring or a custom made ring. A non-traditional engagement ring will have that touch of creative flare, no matter how subtle or loud. Basically, there are no guidelines. One interpretation of non-traditional may be completely different to another.
To give you an idea of some of the possibilities we have picked our top 10 Celebrities with non-traditional engagement rings:
1. Scarlett Johansson received a stunning vintage Art Deco engagement ring from Romain Dauriac
2. Ashlee Simpson most recent engagement ring is absolutely unique and vintage inspired, the ring is coated in beautiful Rubies and Diamonds.
3. Olivia Wilde received a beautiful round brilliant diamond engagement ring surrounded by green emeralds from Jason Sudeikis
4. Rebecca Romijn’s engagement ring is truly unique in style featuring a yellow diamond that is set separately to the ring and attached by a little loop. The perfect idea for rings that require tricky resizing.
5. Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring is sophisticated and elegant and very obvious that Brad Pitt spent hours perfecting the Emerald cut Art Deco-inspired design.
6. Mary Kate Olsen’s engagement ring is one of our favourites and truly unique. A beautiful vintage Cartier round brilliant diamond ring surrounded by Sapphires and set into a yellow gold ring that sits high on the finger.
7. Fergie’s engagement ring is oversized and beautiful featuring round brilliant diamonds and Cognac diamonds set into a star design.
8. Halle Berry, if you love Emeralds then you will love Halle’s ring. A three-stone ring featuring an Emerald as the centre stone and diamonds on either side and set into a yellow gold band.
9. Nicole Richie It is hardly surprising that stylish Nicole chose to design her ring herself with the help of Neil Lane. Richie designed a vintage engagement ring featuring a round brilliant diamond surrounded by an octagon halo set with round brilliant diamonds.
10. Jennifer Aniston – It has been years since Aniston has worn the ring she received from Brad Pitt, but once again Pitt proved his eye for design by creating a unique spiral design ring featuring round brilliant diamonds.

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