7 Wedding Tech Trends Changing the Way We Do Weddings

by Kate Reid
July 18, 2019 / Jewellery Buying Guide

Even if you’re one of those people who love keeping up with the latest gadgets and tech trends, you may be surprised to learn that they’ve disrupted one of our oldest institutions: the humble wedding. Sure, couples have sent digital invitations and used wedding hashtags for years. What we’re talking about is the kind of tech that’s changing the way we celebrate the big day and preserve our memories. In our opinion, these are the hottest wedding tech trends in 2019.

Using GoPro to capture unique perspectives

Go Pro in Bouquet

Image via instagram

Couples keen to capture every wacky angle, close-up and perspective of the big day are turning to GoPro. Long favoured by adventurers taking photos and video in extreme conditions, it turns out this teeny-tiny camera is perfect weddings. A GoPro hidden in the bride’s bouquet films the wedding from her point of view; one strapped to a dog’s back provides an on-the-ground – if a little wobbly – perspective. And then there’s the couple who attached a GoPro to a whiskey bottle, passed it around and films guests’ reactions.

Hiring a drone to take breathtaking shots

Wedding drone

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Drones have reached the masses and newlyweds are hooked on their unique ability to capture the scope and scenic context of their wedding, especially if there’s an outdoor ceremony. The sky needn’t be the limit when it comes to capturing spectacular seaside vistas or gorgeous winery settings. Drones are versatile, too, and lots of couples get creative by asking guests to form letters or other shapes for quirky pictures. And, of course, the drone is king of the group shot – no more stressing about blocked faces, insufficient space for the photographer or worrying about whether Grandma knows where to look. Maybe yours could be the next viral wedding video!

Creating 3D wedding cake decorations

Couple cake topper

Image via instagram

3D printing is a big deal in the culinary world, especially when it comes to wedding cakes. A simple shape and classic flavours are easily elevated with amazing 3D printed shapes – tiny lifelike action figures of the bride and groom, gorgeous flowers that won’t wilt and elaborate shapes and textures. It’s next-level personalisation. Some couples go even further and 3D print everything from the bride’s dress to the bouquet and rings. Yes, really.

Sharing the hilarity with GIF photo booths

wedding photobooth
Photos booths have long been popular at Aussie weddings – who doesn’t love a feather boa and ridiculous moustache? – but technology has begun to swap polaroids for something a little more shareable. Enter the GIF photo booth, a magical place where guests can create hilarious memories from several photos taken in quick succession and looped together to make a video clip. There’s even a ‘boomerang GIF’, which is played on loop forwards and backwards. Guests can share GIFs on social, email and elsewhere online.

Going bold with projection mapping

projection mapping

Image via instagram

It’s a bit like Eurovision meets Melbourne’s White Night – just on a slightly smaller scale. Projection mapping is a new and exciting technology that transports wedding guests from the reception venue to any city or landscape in the world. High-resolution imagery and videos are projected onto the walls and ceiling, and projection mapping can also be used to turn objects into display surfaces. It creates impact and a visual journey that traditional wedding décor is unable to achieve. Projection mapping can be expensive so many couples go for something a little less grand – covering the cake with digital roses or limiting the imagery to one flat surface.

Keeping track of heart rates with wearables

couple wearing bracelets

Wearables track so much more than fitness, and when it comes to weddings a growing number of inventive couples – let’s be honest, brides – are using them to record their heart rates as they walk down the aisle, cut the cake, hug their parents and enjoy their first dance. The stats don’t lie, as they say! If bracelets and watches are a little too chunky, smart rings like Motiv are a more discreet option.

Using QR codes to communicate with guests

QR code wedding invite

Wedding invitations often need to include a lot of information like directions to the venue and instructions for the gift registry, which can look cluttered. Not to mention the risk of guests losing said invitation down the side of the fridge or en route to the ceremony. QR codes are pixelated squares scanned with a smartphone that give guests access to important wedding information. They help couples share Google Maps locations of the ceremony and reception, make it easy for guests to RSVP and add the date to their calendar, and direct traffic to a special wedding website.

What sorts of tech have you seen at weddings this year? Tell us in the comments box below!

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