10 of Our Favourite On-Screen Weddings!

March 9, 2015 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

Hollywood loves to create a romantic comedy and why? Because many of us, even those that are afraid to admit, love to indulge in the fantasyland that Hollywood does so well. With years of bringing romance to our screens there is a long list of fabulous weddings that either inspire, make us cry or laugh or at the other extreme are a complete disaster. 
Here are 10 of our favourites: 
Four Weddings & A Funeral
A classic released over 20 years ago featuring the romantic comedy Prince, Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell.
My Best Friends Wedding
Julia Robert’s steals the screen in many rom-coms and once again here in the classic story of when a woman’s best friend tells her he’s engaged, for her to only realise her love for him. Beginning a pursuit to win him before the looming big day.
Father of the Bride
Released in 1991, Steve Martin plays the over protective father in denial who will go to all lengths to prevent her daughter from marrying the man of her dreams.
Monsoon Wedding
One of our favourites, Monsoon Wedding captures the colourful, vibrancy of an Indian wedding filled with drama, love and typical of a Bollywood movie, song and dance!
Muriel’s Wedding
The Australian classic starring Toni Collette plays the daggy, ABBA loving Muriel who’s terminally single until she escapes on a tropical vacation where her life takes a turn. 
The Wedding Singer
Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler unite to create the perfect recipe for a romantic comedy wedding. Both engaged to the wrong people, they fall for each other and not without the typical ‘Hollywood bump in the road’ the story ties up with a happily-ever-after ending
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
When two cultures collide, a Greek woman has to convince her traditional BIG Greek family of her choice of husband, a non-Greek man. 
Meet the Parents
The beginning of the trilogy, starring Ben Stellar and Robert De Niro hilariously playing husband-to-be and father-in-law to be… Suspicious De Niro puts Stellar to the test.
The Princess Bride
For those that love the classic fairytale wedding this is for you! Bringing together giants, fighting, the evil Prince and the beautiful Princess!
Sex and the City
The much-anticipated movie with perhaps the most anticipated wedding between Carrie and Mr Big. Typical of the tumultuous relationship the film is a roller coaster of events and of course fashion!

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