5 Engagement Ring Styles for 2015

It is hard to believe that 2014 has wound up and we are settling into a new year.  At the beginnings of every year resolutions (and personal goals) are made, and we reflect on what has been. For some you may have decided that 2015 is the year to propose to the love of your life or you may be dropping hints to your partner that this is the year! If this is you then you may want to start considering which style of engagement ring is for you.
Solitaire rings are a classic and timeless choice and are bound to win the heart of your loved one. But for those that are after something a little more extravagant here are 5 trends we are falling in love with:
The Twisted Engagement Ring
The twisted engagement ring, a style becoming more and more popular, adds sweeping curves to the typical straight band engagement ring. This style resembles a beautiful Art Nouveau look and looks wonderful with diamonds set into the band.
Vintage Re-creations 
Vintage style rings is a trend that never seems to fade. Whether you are inspired by Art Deco, Art Nouveau or Baroque; your sources of inspiration are endless. Vintage rings, no matter which era, typically have intricate designs details and may include engraving, filigree, milgrain and lots of small diamonds.
Colour Engagement Rings
Diamonds may not be every girl’s best friend. Colour gemstone engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular. The past couple of years we have seen a large surge in blue Sapphire engagement rings thanks to Princess Kate’s engagement ring. This has also created a rise in popularity amongst other coloured gemstones. Soft colour stones such as soft canary yellows, pale pinks and light pastel blues look beautiful and are more and more becoming the desired choice for many.
Diamond Encrusted Rings
Some girls can never have too much bling! If this sounds like your partner then you may want to consider a ring with diamonds set all around the band. This is also a fantastic way to add some extra sparkle!
Alternative Shaped Diamond Rings
Round Brilliant diamonds are the popular and, undeniably a beautiful choice. But if you are after something a little more personal with more character there are many exquisite alternative shaped diamonds such as the Asscher, Cushion, Emerald, Oval, Pear or Radiant, just to name a few. The best thing about fancy cut diamonds is you can ‘get more bang for your buck’!  As round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular and there is the most amount of wastage involved in cutting this shape diamond, you can really maximise your diamond real estate if you’re willing to look outside the box/or be more adventerous.

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