7 of the Best Viral Wedding Videos

by Kate Reid
March 8, 2019 / Engagement and Weddings

They’re hilarious, endearing or just plain touching. Whatever the appeal, wedding videos that go viral are definitely memorable. After all, they don’t earn 15 minutes of online fame for awkward dances or ho-hum speeches. They feature everything from spectacular first dances to iconic boogies down the aisle and heartfelt speeches. Throw in popular wedding classics from Disney, Elton John and Beyoncé, along with half-decent videography skills, and the stage is set for a wedding video to go viral. In fact, some viral wedding videos have become so popular that they’ve changed the way we do weddings. These are seven of our all-time favourite viral wedding videos.

The first ever viral wedding video

It’s the video that started it all. The original online wedding sensation and possibly the best use of an aisle we’ve ever seen, JK Wedding Entrance Dance has amassed almost 98 million YouTube views since 2009 and is one of the site’s most popular videos of all time. Minnesota’s Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz and their 15-member bridal party grooved down the aisle to Chris Brown’s ‘Forever’, inspiring rip-offs and spinoffs the world over. According to their website, Jill and Kevin now have two kids and work in the legal industry – and their video has helped raised $US50,000 for charity. We love that they have decided to donate a share of the profits, did you know we do this too?

Naomi and Sarah’s Disney medley

British bridesmaids Naomi and Sarah dug deep into their vocal reserves when sister Susie married Luke in Vancouver, performing a medley of Disney songs from Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Aladdin and The Lion King with customised lyrics to fit the bride and groom’s love story. The 10-minute performance – trust us, it’s long but worth it – is funny and warm and peppered with tongue-in-cheek lyrics like, “when she’s stressed it’s McDonald’s we suggest” and, “who’s this man with all the strength of a protein shake?”. The duet can more than hold a tune, which is no surprise considering the girls’ mum was an opera singer and they grew up singing along to Disney classics.

Daniel’s best man speech

Have the tissues ready for this one – the bride and groom’s reaction is super sweet. Daniel is a Melbourne-based professional singer who used his words and melodies by Sam Smith, the Backstreet Boys and Elton John to raise a glass to his brother, Adrian, and new sister-in-law, Sarah. His performance is funny, sincere – “Adrian, I’ve got so much love for you” – and emotional. And the brothers’ hug at the end? All the feels.

Ashley and David’s father-daughter dance

It’s customary for the bride and her dad to dance together but this pairing used to come a distant second to the couple’s first dance. Not since Houston’s Ashley married Nicolas and the bride and her dad, David, wowed family and friends with possibly the best father-daughter dance medley ever. There’s no daggy dad dancing in this choreographed piece that has guests laughing and cheering as straight-faced David shakes his booty and steals the show. The encore performance of Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ is a highlight. It’s no surprise that the video boasts 22 million YouTube views and counting.

Judah makes it beautiful

Even if One Direction isn’t to your taste, this one’s worth a look. Groom Philip enlists his young nephew, Judah, to help perform a dance for his new bride to the boy band’s hit ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. Keep your eyes on Judah who keeps up even when Philip’s mates join in and the whole thing gets a little out of control. He’s just too cute.

Aaliyah and Benjamin’s haka

More than 10 million YouTube viewers have watched a haka performed by groomsmen and guests for Kiwi couple Aaliyah and Benjamin at their wedding across the ditch. As well as a war cry for which the haka is known outside New Zealand, it’s also performed to welcome special guests and to mark significant milestones. The shouting, body-slapping and exaggerated movements are all part of the traditional dance. Benjamin and Aaliyah watch on quietly, with emotion, as a sign of respect, before joining in themselves.

Noah and PJ’s first dance

Newlyweds Noah and PJ surprised guests with an elaborate dance routine at their wedding reception in November – and have already amassed more than two million views on YouTube. It starts off innocently enough with a traditional slow dance before a supposed music glitch gives way to salsa, running man, disco and even tap dancing. The re-enactment of Dirty Dancing’s iconic lift is a definite highlight – there’s no doubt Noah and PJ are having the time of their lives!

So there you have it, we hope you have enjoyed our selection as much as we enjoyed compiling it! Have we missed one of your faves? Let us know in the comments below.


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