7 Ways to Make Sure Your Christmas Wedding Delights

by Kate Reid
December 13, 2019 / Engagement and Weddings

Now, I’ll be the first to admit when I hear ‘…it’s going to be a Christmas Wedding!’ my face can’t help but scrunch itself up as my first thoughts include bride walking down the aisle in a cropped Santa Claus coat, fake snow machine and pine trees as centrepieces. However, times have changed. This is 2019 and it’s the most wonderful time of the year for a wonderful wedding. So we’ve compiled some tips and tricks on how to elegantly plan and decorate your Christmas wedding.

Christmas decorations at a wedding
1. There’s Nothing More Elegant Than Organised…

Our No. 1 tip to kick things off is organisation. Christmas is a busy time of the year for everyone, plus it’s prime holiday season. At least 3 people you know will be jetting off to enjoy a white Christmas overseas or heading down the coast and going off-grid. To ensure your nearest and dearest are present to celebrate your special day, we recommend sending Save The Dates at least 10 months in advance.

2. The Weather

Carrying on from being elegantly organised, it’s worth mentioning that while you’re on top of your planning in advance game – already got your Pinterest mood boards and calendar mapped out, a whole lot of the inspiration you’ll find online will be catered to Christmas weddings in the middle of winter. So, when you find an idea that you love, ask yourself ‘how and can it be adapted to a 30C degree day?’

Christmas Decorations at a wedding
3. Decor

The most exciting part of any wedding. Decor. Christmas Edition. To keep things classy, we recommend enforcing the mantra less is more. A truly elegant wedding can be created through lighting, texture, a strong and consistent colour palette (this does not mean colour coordinated everything) and the overall ambience.

Red and Green Shall Not Be Seen . . .

While the pairing red and green is the epitome of Christmas, enforce variation and moderation. Instead of red, you could choose burgundy, merlot, earthy red, you can even step over into terracotta territory. And instead of green, colours including teal, mossy/forest green, olive and sage look extraordinarily chic especially paired with rose gold or brass. Any of these shades will also look lovely for your bridesmaids’ dresses! Now, choose your two red and green alternatives in moderation as it would appear in nature. Take the Waratah or Bottle Brush Flower, for example, a little bit of red and a whole lot of green. When decorating implement a 7:3 ratio, 70% green and 30% red or vice versa. Whatever you prefer!

. . . Without A Colour In-Between

This will be your balancing and majority colour and will tie everything together in a nice bow. For a clean crisp wedding, white will create that feel perfectly and for something a little more moody or edgy, black will be your best friend (also hides any potential stains and spills!)

Christmas decorations at a wedding
4. Down The Aisle

Whether you’re planning on a beautiful outdoor wedding or a traditional do in a Church, there are few touches you can add to keep your theme consistent and without the need for a 9 ft. Christmas tree. Lucky for us, the majority of Australian flora includes stunning tones of red and green, so you might want to consider using bouquets of natives for yourself and bridesmaids, add them to the pews in a church or custom a flower wall as a backdrop for an outdoor wedding.

5. On The Table

We adore the use of a real pine garland, none of this plastic okay? Especially entwined with twinkling fairy lights. Not only does it look rustic and simply spectacular, the smell really gets all the sense tingling. Another option we can suggest if you want to Aus’ it up is Silver Dollar Eucalyptus which also has a refreshing scent and looks just as chic. If it’s not too much of a fire hazard, you know your guests better than I do, pair up your garland with tall mixed-matched candle holders, white crockery and brass cutlery for your guests. This combo will look effective on either a natural wooden table or add a white cotton table cloth.

Christmas Decorations at a wedding
6. Food

This is probably the easiest part of a Christmas wedding as all the best foods are heartwarming Christmas dishes that are good for the soul. You can also take a formal or casual approach with this, such as a sit-down meal or set up a Christmas spread and your guests can help themselves just like they would at Christmas Dinner.

7. Bonbonniere

This one can be a pickle, how do you choose a party favour that’s Christmas-y, appropriate for a wedding and isn’t going to get thrown out the next week at council clean up. Here are a few ideas we think your guests will want to keep!
Personalised Baubles
Personalised wine glass/whiskey glass (this can also double as their glass for the night and triple as their place setting)
Mini bottle of ‘Christmas’ alcohol: Brandy, Mulled Wine, Baileys
Subsection to Alcohol Idea: Ingredients for mulled wine for your guests to brew at home
Hangover Kit. When you combine the two events in all of human celebration where copious amounts of alcohol is consumed, you’re gonna need a hangover kit

christmas themed wedding favour- mulled wine
Hopefully, you’re planning your upcoming wedding with 12 months to spare… Let us know some of your tips and tricks during the planning of a Christmas Wedding!

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