Are There Different Types of Engagement Rings?

October 10, 2015 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

When the time comes to purchase an engagement ring, it is all about finding the perfect ring for you / her. The task of finding that one and only ring, the one that will win her heart, the one that will be worn for the rest of your lives together. It is only one engagement ring, but it is amongst a sea of endless, sparkling options that you will need to choose from. And after not too long into your journey you will realise that there is more than one type of engagement ring, there are many, many, many different types to choose from. 
The first questions that will arise will begin at the obvious; diamonds or coloured gemstones? How many? 1,2,3 or a ring encrusted with diamonds? Which colour metal? Yellow, rose or white….Then you will start to delve into the intricate details, where you soon realise there are many subtle details which need to be considered… The style of setting, engraving and/or filigree patterns, the width and overall balance of the design… Yes, it sounds like a lot, but with the guidance of an excellent jeweller, the experience will be an enjoyable and educational one. 
Before all of this though, when you look at all the different engagement rings out there, before you answer all these questions the very first thing to consider is the overall style of the design. Engagement rings will usually fit into a number of categories and then within these will be different styles. Let’s have a look at what we consider are some of the most popular different types of engagement rings:

                                         The Classic – Solitaire Engagement Ring

Perhaps it was Breakfast at Tiffany’s, perhaps it is the undeniable elegance and timeless nature of this style… But the Solitaire engagement is to many considered the “Classic” engagement ring.

                                                          Modern / Contemporary

Contemporary style engagement rings will all differ in style but will typically be sleek, with clean lines – this understated elegance. Think interesting shaped diamonds such as Asscher, Emeralds or Radiants that ooze sophistication.

                                                            The Diamond Dazzler

For many women, one is not enough… An engagement ring with a sprinkling of diamonds all over is what speaks to them. More often than not, a beautiful centre stone surrounded by a halo of diamonds and a diamond-coated band.

                                                                    The Vintage

After the classic solitaire, many would argue that these days the second most popular are vintage-inspired pieces. From diamonds bands to bright coloured gemstone rings, intricate patterns to detailed settings the vintage-inspired ring comes in all different shapes and colours. The most popular era proving to be an endless source of inspiration is the Art Deco rings. 

                                                               The Non-Traditional

The non-traditional engagement ring is becoming increasingly popular with the desire to stand out from the crowd and own something that is truly unique. There are no rules when it comes to a non-traditional engagement ring… Usually to those that love this style, the more interesting and uniquely different is considered better. Anything from no centre diamond to an uncut centre diamond, textured metal to interesting combinations of metals such as ‘Mokume Gane,’ coloured gemstones to intricate patterns… The list goes on and on; to some a fusion of inspiration from all eras.

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