How To Choose the Perfect Diamond Wedding Ring

by Freya Enright
July 1, 2023 / Wedding Rings

Congratulations, you’re engaged. You have your stunning diamond engagement ring, and now you are making the next most significant ring decision, choosing your diamond wedding ring to complete your bridal set.

Diamond wedding rings are not a ring that many people think about before they get engaged. So now, how do you decide what wedding ring will complement your diamond engagement ring? Selecting a diamond wedding ring that complements your engagement ring requires careful consideration, so we will share some tips with you. Like you and your partner, you want the ring combination to be the perfect match. Remember, this is a ring you will wear for the rest of your life, your forever diamond wedding ring.

What Do Diamond Wedding Rings Symbolise?

Wedding rings are a traditional way to symbolise the everlasting love and commitment you exchange during your wedding ceremony. This is your ring of commitment to each other. Wearing a wedding ring daily tells the world of your commitment. It is a visible representation of your love, loyalty, and devotion to your spouse, a constant reminder of the beautiful vows exchanged on your wedding day.

How to Choose a Diamond Wedding Ring to Complement Your Engagement Ring?

Your diamond wedding ring, which is a very popular and beautiful option, needs to sit next to your engagement ring and look as if it had been designed as a bridal set, so consider the style you already have and ensure it will complement it.

Consider Your Forever Style

Start by examining the overall style and design of your engagement ring. Is it classic, modern, vintage, or minimalist? Understanding your style will guide you in selecting a wedding ring that enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Choose Your Metal

Consider the metal of your engagement ring and choose a diamond wedding ring in the same metal to create a seamless and cohesive look. Common options include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. Match your wedding ring’s metal colour with your engagement ring for a stylish appearance.

Band Style

Pay attention to the band style of your engagement ring. Is it a plain band, a pave band, or a split shank? Perhaps the shape of your engagement ring means you should select a curved or contoured wedding ring. Go for a wedding ring with a complementary band style to ensure visual harmony between the two rings. For example, if your engagement ring has a pave band, consider a diamond wedding ring with a matching pave band to create a coordinated and elegant look.

Diamond Shape

Look at the diamond shape of your engagement ring. If you have a round, princess, cushion, or any other-shaped diamond, select a wedding ring that features a similar or complementary diamond shape. This will create a cohesive and balanced look when the rings are worn together.

Diamond Size and Placement

Consider the size and placement of the diamonds on your engagement ring. If your engagement ring has a centre stone and accent diamonds on the band, ensure that the size and placement of the diamonds on your wedding ring are proportional and consistent with those on your engagement ring.

Personal Style and Preferences

Consider your style and preferences when choosing a diamond wedding ring. While it should complement your engagement ring, it should reflect your unique taste and individuality.

You can opt for a more understated and classic design, or you may prefer a bold and eye-catching style. Find a balance between complementing your engagement ring and expressing your personal style. Some people choose 2 or 3 wedding bands and stack them on their fingers these days for a glamorous and unique choice. The important part when choosing your wedding band is to consider your ‘forever style’. There is something sentimental about wearing the one wedding band for the rest of your life, exchanged in front of those you love as a symbol of your enduring love. Therefore, consider what diamond wedding ring you would feel comfortable wearing forever.

How Many Carats Are in a Diamond Wedding Ring?

A question that is regularly asked. When it comes to a diamond wedding ring, a key consideration is the carat weight of the diamonds. While diamond engagement rings often feature a prominent centre stone, diamond wedding rings offer a unique opportunity to incorporate multiple diamonds.

For those seeking a subtle shimmer of sparkle, a diamond wedding ring with petite carat weights is a stylish choice, adding elegance to your ring finger and an understated look.

Those with mid-range carat weights strike a balance between delicacy and impact. This size beautifully complements various diamond engagement ring styles, adding a touch of sophistication yet still ensuring the centre stage is held by the diamond engagement ring.

Try Different Combinations

Don’t be afraid to try different combinations of diamond wedding rings with your engagement ring. Please book an appointment to try some on and observe how they look and feel when worn with your engagement ring. Take your time to ensure you find the perfect pairing that brings out the best in both rings.

By following these steps and considering the style, metal, diamond shape, and personal preferences, you’ll be able to choose a diamond wedding ring that beautifully complements your engagement ring.

Remember, the goal is to create a harmonious and cohesive look, symbolising your marriage’s unity and everlasting love. It is a personal choice, and you should consider your style and try different options to see which best fits your engagement ring.

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