The Elongated Engagement Ring Trend

by Kate Reid
February 3, 2018 / Engagement Rings

As engagement ring trends change and options become vaster, there is one thing people are becoming more conscious of and that is what style of engagement ring best suits their hand.

The classic six claw, round brilliant solitaire engagement ring might be the most popular choice, but many women are seeking alternatives that are more complementary to the shape of their hands.

For women with short fingers, long elongated designs might just be the perfect fit for you. No matter the width of your fingers these styles will help create the illusion of longer fingers.

With the popularity of fancy cut diamond engagement rings continuing to rise, there have never been so many designs to draw inspiration from. From Blake Lively’s pale pink oval engagement ring to Katherine Heigl and Sophie Turner’s pear shaped engagement rings, the hands in Hollywood provide endless inspiration.

When looking for elongated engagement rings, look for designs that feature emerald, pear, oval, marquise or even rectangular cushion cut diamonds. If you have wide fingers opt for wider proportions of the above shapes and if your fingers are slender opt for narrower proportions.

There are so many ways to create a unique engagement ring with an elongated shaped diamond or gemstone. Whether you decide on a solitaire, a halo or a centre stone with side stones, the variations are endless.

The Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Pear-shaped diamonds have made a huge comeback, they radiate glamour and are perfect for those that love the brilliance of a round brilliant cut diamond. Katherine Heigl and Victoria Beckham both flaunt incredible pear-shaped diamond rings. Our Calais engagement ring shows how you can incorporate colour into your ring and our Ivy engagement ring is the proof that a solitaire diamond ring can be truly unique.

The Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The Emerald cut diamond ring has been the choice for some of the most famous ladies of Hollywood, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie and Beyoncé. It is a striking step cut with clean lines making it perfect for the modern woman. Our Emerald cut Serenity engagement ring with a diamond halo is the perfect choice for the elegant lady who does not shy away from a touch of sparkle.


The Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

An oval diamond engagement ring is a wonderful choice for women who admire the symmetry and gentle curves of a round diamond but their hands suit more elongated rings. The oval diamond is an elongated version of a round cut and it sparkles brilliantly. Our Aurelia is a modern take on a classic design featuring a claw set oval diamond and a diamond set band.

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