Engagement Ring Etiquette

by Kate Reid
January 9, 2019 / Engagement Rings

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It can seem like engagement ring announcements are a constant these days, especially with social media flooded with engagement ring selfies. But what is considered engagement ring etiquette these days? It’s a fair question, one we will try our best to answer for you.

Once upon a time, a guy would get down on one knee and surprise his other half with a diamond ring. Together, they would share the news with their loved ones without the concern that social media would spread the news like wildfire before they had a chance to tell all their important people.

Then there is the ring itself. Many women find themselves comparing their ring to their friends or what they see online. Does this create an unhealthy obsession with its value and is it appropriate to ask the carat weight or the value?

We think it is a great idea to come up with a strategy to announce your news. Firstly, your closest family and friends will want to share in your excitement with you so with parents, siblings, besties and closest family, a phone call or an announcement over an intimate dinner will be greatly appreciated. Now, this next step is optional but you might also want to organise a social function with your wider group of friends and family to announce the news to them before the rest of the world. Lastly, once you have told the most important people in your lives, it is appropriate to share the news online. We suggest taking a gorgeous photo of you and your other half featuring the ring, the likes and comments will come flooding in.

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Finally, the question regarding the ring itself and what is appropriate to ask? We think it is completely fine to ask about the details, the type of stone, metal, the cut and even the carat. But, if your partner has surprised you with an engagement ring then asking how much he spent is frowned upon. You would never ask a friend how much a gift they purchased you for your birthday was. As they say “it’s the thought that counts”…

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