Our 5 Top Proposal Tips

Almost every woman has, at some point in time, daydreamed about the man of her dreams asking for her hand in marriage. For some, this is one of life’s pinnacle moments, the transition between two phases of life. So, it is understandable that for men this can be daunting, overwhelming and yet exciting all at once. The pressure put on one’s self to make this the most romantic gesture of a lifetime can be arduous. But to all those men setting out on this journey, it is important to remember the many men who came before you and successfully won the hearts of their loved ones. 
So how do you create that perfect proposal?
At Larsen Jewellery we are lucky to have been there from the very beginning for many seeking the perfect engagement ring. We have shared the roller coaster of emotions, the excitement and the nerves, the build up to that momentous day and right through to when the happily engaged couple come in to create their wedding rings. So, having been witness to the success of hundred’s of gents’ proposal stories, we have put together our top tips on how to execute the perfect proposal:
1. The Ring
This is obviously one of the most important parts. So take the time to get it right! If your loved one has not left hints for you to stumble across or you are not 100% confident with choosing the perfect design then enlist the help of a trustful source – close girlfriends, sisters or mums are usually the first port’o’call…. Which leads us to the next point….
2. Be careful who you tell!
Some of us are completely hopeless at keeping secrets or can absentmindedly give your secret away. The fewer people you tell, the safer your surprise is!
3. Plan, Plan, Plan!
Whether you are whisking your girlfriend away for a romantic escape or preparing a candlelit dinner at home, make sure you have planned every little detail so that you execute the big proposal glitch free! For example, you may need to organise time off work for her, make sure she has not already made plans that you don’t know about and keep a box of tissues handy… chances are she is going to need them.
4. Traditions Or No Traditions
You may not be the traditional sort but it may be important to your girlfriend or her father for you to seek his permission for his daughters hand in marriage. 
5. Don’t over think it!
You are proposing to the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.  This should feel like a natural progression and your big plan should reflect you both as a couple. It is easy to get caught up in the pressure and excitement and create a task that is bigger than Ben-Hur. Sometimes the simplest proposal stories are the most beautiful. It is not necessary to out do everyone before you. It may not be the best time either to test out new adventures. For example, if your partner is scared of heights, this may not be the right time to surprise her with a sky dive, mid-air proposal!
Our best tip: If you are at the point in your relationship where you are ready to ask for her hand in marriage then chances are she has been waiting for this day longer than you realise and the answer has been ‘yes’ all along. 

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