PART 1: Common Custom Made Engagement Ring Questions

April 24, 2015 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

Deciding on your style of engagement ring and whether to choose a readymade or to have a ring custom made are just a couple of the many big decision you need to make when you set out on this journey.
If you have decided that a custom made ring is the right option for you, then it is quite likely that there maybe a few other questions circling your mind at the moment.  There are many questions that surface when couples start looking for the perfect engagement ring, from the weird and the wonderful to the absolute normal… It is therefore impossible to write them all down in one short article. So to help all you ladies and gentlemen out we have put together a couple of articles with the most common questions… If you have any other queries please don’t hesitate to email us!
1. How long should I allow for a custom made engagement ring?
Custom made rings involve more time then picking a ring off the shelf. However, the process is a beautiful one and it ensures you get something truly unique. We suggest allowing at least a couple of months prior to when you plan to propose. This will be one of the most important purchases you will ever make so allow the time it truly deserves! At Larsen Jewellery we allow 4-5 weeks from date of deposit to complete a custom made engagement ring. 
2. How much does a custom made engagement ring cost?
There is a misconception that custom making an engagement ring is the more expensive option. We can happily tell you that it is not. The best thing about custom making an engagement ring is that it is possible to make a beautiful engagement ring with any budget. At Larsen Jewellery one of our jewellers will work with you to come up with a beautiful design and source the best diamond or gemstone to suit your budget. 
3. I want to surprise my girlfriend but do not know her finger size?
Don’t worry! You are not the first or the last guy to plan a surprise proposal. Jewellers have this one figured out! It is always best to get the size as close as possible to avoid too much work in the future. If you can sneak one of her rings that she wears on her ring finger then this is the best way to guess the correct size or alternatively you can trace the inside of her ring onto a piece of paper. Have a chat with your jeweller and they will help you come up with a plan of attack for your detective work to guess the correct size.
5. I have seen a design I like, can you make something similar?
Custom making an engagement ring means that any design is possible. Your jeweller can help you come up with your own unique design or make something similar to a design you have in mind. One of our expert jewellers will be able to help you choose the best diamond or gemstone for your design and suggest ways to improve your design.
6. I have my own diamond / gemstone can you still make my ring?
Yes, we can set your own stone- however it is on the provision that it passes our gemstone assessment.  Poorly cut or badly included stones will be rejected, as they are too risky to set. Keep in mind that it is industry standard to charge an additional setting fee to set your own diamond.

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