Proposing with a Loose Diamond

August 22, 2014 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

In recent times it has become increasingly popular for couples to come in and go through the entire process of choosing an engagement ring together. From choosing the diamond, to finalising the design, to viewing the ring during various stages of manufacture and right through to completion. For many, this is the ideal option of making sure the bride-to-be ends up with the ring she has been dreaming of. 
Rest assured, ladies, tradition is still alive! There are many men who are old romantics at heart and still desire to create that perfect, surprise fairytale proposal!
If you are torn between creating the perfect fairytale proposal while still making sure you have the perfect ring, then we have the solution for you. Many men before you have found themselves in this exact predicament. No man wants to see a look of disappointment wash over his partner’s face when presenting an engagement ring. Speaking as a woman I am well aware of just how particular some of us can be! If this sounds like you then your best option might be to get down on one knee and propose with a loose diamond! No lady is going to be disappointed when presented with a beautiful, dazzling diamond! Many men have successfully chosen this option before.
What is the best thing about proposing with a diamond? You get the best of both worlds: the romantic, surprise proposal and then enjoying the journey of choosing the design and seeing it come to life together. Many would agree that designing a custom made engagement ring together is perhaps the most sentimental and romantic gesture of them all.

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