Same-Sex Marriage Statistics Since 2017

by Kate Reid
November 21, 2018 / Engagement and Weddings

In 2017, Australia passed the long-awaited same-sex marriage law. After a long and difficult road to reach this milestone for marriage equality, same-sex couples were finally able to unite officially and celebrate their love.

Prior to 2017 same-sex couples in Australia travelled across the globe to marry and even then, their union wasn’t recognised officially. In 2016, the results of the census told us that 46,800 same-sex couples lived together. This was up 39% since the 2011 census. Keep in mind that these statistics do not go beyond the household so the number of same-sex couples not yet living together would be far greater.

So, as anticipated, many of these couples rushed to the altar to celebrate their love once the long-awaited marriage equality law passed in December 2017.

Since the law was passed, there have been celebrations all across the country. In the first six months, there have been just shy of 2500 nationwide. See below for the stats state by state as of July 2018:

NSW 853
QLD 374
WA 292
SA 162
TAS 66
ACT 48
NT 21


We think it is safe to say that with so much love being celebrated and happy couples across the county, same-sex marriage is a welcome change, only contributing positively to society!

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