The 6 Best Things to DIY for Your Wedding

by Kate Reid
November 5, 2018 / Engagement and Weddings, Wedding Rings

It’s hard to scroll through your social media feed without spying gorgeous wedding DIY. From beautifully arranged bunches of native blooms to impeccably iced tiered cakes and invitations that look seriously pro, it’s hard to believe so many couples shun professionals in favour of their own expertise.

Why DIY? Sure, it helps to save money – indeed, the average Aussie wedding costs a whopping $36,200 – but the real joy of handcrafted touches is the ability to personalise your big day. Because who wants a wedding that looks just like someone else’s? That’s right – no one.

That said, it’s probably best to leave some things to the professionals like your dress, the photography and the entertainment. In our humble opinion, these are the six best things to DIY for your wedding.

Table Décor

The options for table décor are virtually limitless – bush natives, pastels, Scandinavian chic, lace, autumn leaves, rustic – so before you get started it’s important to sort out a table theme, which should, of course, complement the overall theme of your nuptials.

Then think about what will go on your tables. Tablecloths are an easy DIY, and runners and patterned napkins can add great texture. Personalised place cards are next level, and if you’re not keen on paper cards, consider mini succulents with guests’ names or embroidered napkins. When it comes to centrepieces, think simple but impactful – lush greenery in recycled jars, candle arrangements, paper lanterns or blight blooms. Stunning!


Keen to design your own ring but don’t have a design bone in your body? No problem. The Larsen Jewellery Wedding Ring Experience provides couples with the only opportunity in Australia to make each other’s wedding rings in our Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane studios. Most designs are possible, from classic wedding bands to unique designs involving diamonds, engraving or a mix of metals.

Under the guidance of your own personal jeweller, you’ll get to use traditional handcrafting techniques like milling, bending, soldering and polishing. The design process takes about four hours and we guarantee a perfect result. Your jeweller will add any design features, such as diamonds, after you’ve finished making the rings and will also make sure the wedding ring matches perfectly with your engagement ring, even if it has an unusual shape.

Learn more about making your wedding rings


Bake your own cake? Crazy, they said! Not exactly, especially when you consider a fruitcake can last up to six months in the fridge. If you love to bake, making your own cake is budget-friendly and will earn you serious DIY credentials.

The trick is to plan ahead and aim to have your cake baked about a week before the big day so you don’t need to make a last-minute dash to the supermarket. A test cake or two can also help to iron out any problems with the taste and size of your cake and help you figure out how well it will hold up to warm weather if you’re tying the knot in summer. Consider transport, too, and how you’ll get your masterpiece into the venue.


Stationery tells the story of your nuptials so there’s no better way to put a unique stamp on your event before guests even arrive than with personalised designs. Bonus points if you’re on a budget because a professional designer can really drain your funds. There are loads of free templates on the interwebs if you don’t know where to begin, but even if you know exactly what you want it can be really helpful to scout around for ideas. As for printing, think about the sort of quality you’re after – if it’s high end and your home printer isn’t up to the job, it’s best to go pro just this once.


If there’s one thing you absolutely must DIY at your wedding, it’s bonbonniere – the small gifts couples give to guests at the reception. Sugared almonds are traditionally given as bonbonniere but these days pretty much anything goes. Candles, cacti, gingerbread cookies, boiled lollies, terrariums, board games, tote bags, photo frames, umbrellas for outdoor weddings and hats for beach nuptials – the list goes on and on. Whatever you choose, make it personal. And if you’d rather forgo bonbonniere, think about donating what you would’ve spent to charity.


Making your own bouquet and buttonholes for the bridal party doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you have a few pairs of willing hands – and it certainly helps to save money. Organise your blooms then arrange a flower arranging get-together with friends a day or two before the big day with a few drinks, snacks and some music. Simple arrangements using seasonal and local flowers with strong stems are perfect for DIYers as you’ll have variety, longevity and colour but it won’t take forever. Try not to overthink it or expect Instagram perfection! Keep your arrangements in water until it’s time to walk down the aisle.

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