Wedding Beauty: 12 pre-wedding beauty tips to give you that wedding glow

June 23, 2017 / Bridal & Dress Jewellery

Every woman dreams of looking like a goddess on their wedding day. Glowing, perfect skin, impeccable hair and makeup, beautiful white smile. These are all possible but none of them come without a lot of planning and effort. Here are 12 tips to help you feel flawless on your big day!

1. Visit your local beauty therapist

Book in 3-4 facials for the 12 week period leading up to your big day. Facials are great to give your skin a really deep clean and leave you looking smooth, clean and healthy. Make sure to schedule the last one at least 7-10 days out from the wedding to ensure any impurities that come to the surface from the facial, have plenty of time to clear.

2. Use ‘high-end’ skin products.

While you’re there, grab yourself some high-end skin care products with active ingredients. These will ensure your skin is getting adequately cleaned and hydrated on a daily basis.

3. Ensure you have a daily skin care (morning and night) planned.

Make sure all of your make up is removed each day and you’re using (at a minimum) a cleanser, moisturiser, serum, eye cream and you exfoliate once or twice a week.

4. Exfoliate your whole body once a week.

This will help your skin prepare for any tanning products you may be using to enhance your glow on the day.

5. Moisturise your body every night!

This one is super important. We put so much focus on the skin on our faces, we often neglect the rest of our bodies which need some love as well. Invest in a thick, hydrating body butter to keep your whole body soft and smooth.

6. Up your water intake!

As a minimum, women over 18 are advised to drink 2.1L per day. Drinking this amount or even a little more will help your body with digestion and, in turn, help your skin stay clear (a lot of break outs are due to digestive issues).

7. Use a 50+ facial moisturiser daily.

Exposure to the sun without protection can cause early aging. This is something we definitely don’t want leading up to your big day! Protect that skin!

8. Have a makeup free week (or two if possible) before the wedding.

Give your skin a chance to have a break from makeup. The cleaner you can get your skin in the lead-up, the more flawless your make up will look on the day!

9. Take care of your lips!

Our lips often get forgotten when it comes to our skin care. Exfoliate them once a week using a lip scrub or a clean toothbrush and use a natural lip balm. This will make sure they’re super smooth for your wedding. Your lipstick will stay on better and your lips will be extra kissable for the “you may kiss your bride” moment.

10. Eat well!

Beauty starts on the inside. We get out what we put in and the cleaner our diet, the cleaner our skin. Try to avoid any foods with excessive sugar and saturated fats in the 12 weeks before your wedding.

11. Weekly face mask.

Face Mask Fridays! They’re a thing now and you should totally join in! Especially when you’re planning wedding skin. Face masks provide a weekly deep clean for your skin and you can get one that may target any issues you may be having with your skin (hydrating mask for dry skin for example). Add a glass of wine and it’s the perfect Friday night in!

12. Get your teeth professionally whitened.

Talk to your dentist about how long it may take to achieve the shade of white you desire and book in all of your appointments. Having beautiful white teeth will really help your smile stand out in your photographs.


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