Wedding Superstitions

November 29, 2013 / Jewellery Buying Guide

Bride and groom standing under an umbrella on a wedding day

I recently attended a wedding where the weather forecast was not looking too promising! Typically, the weeks leading up to the big day were filled with long, sunny, dry spring days. So as the day crept closer and closer and the forecast appeared duller and duller, discussion started about how rain on your wedding day is seen as a good omen. Everyone’s superstitious side started to surface, and I was told when it rains on your wedding day it is believed to bring good luck to the newly married couple for a long, happy life together blessed with good fortune and fertility. 
This got me thinking about what other superstitions are connected to ones wedding day.
Probably the most well known is that it is considered bad luck for the groom to see his bride in her wedding dress before the wedding day. This idea stems from arranged marriages when it was believed that if the bride and groom met prior to making their vows there would be a risk of uncertainty. In western culture this superstition might be considered outdated, but many still hold on to this tradition. 
One of my favourite superstitions is the throwing of the bouquet and garter. The tradition was originally meant to bring good luck, however, as the years have passed the idea has been adopted that the single lady or eligible bachelor who catches the bouquet or garter is destined to be the next to get married.
Other popular superstitious ideas include wearing a veil to bring a sense of mystery, ward off evil and protect the bride’s purity. Throwing rice over the newlyweds is believed to promote prosperity, good luck and fertility. Some also believe that wearing someone else’s engagement ring or wedding ring can bring bring bad luck. If you also believe this, then having an engagement ring custom made is perfect for you!
Most of these superstitious ideas may be considered out dated for the modern wedding. However, they are a lovely sentiment and continue beautiful wedding traditions through generations. Do you have a favourite wedding tradition or superstition?  

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