What Earrings Suit Your Shaped Face

August 10, 2014 / Jewellery Buying Guide

When choosing any jewellery, we want our beautiful piece to enhance our look and complement your style. Just like considering what style will best suit our figure when selecting clothing, we must consider our jewellery and how it will complement our features. For example, fine rings can make short fingers appear longer. 
Jewellery, unlike clothing, has a long lifespan. When investing in fine jewellery it is a good idea to be sure that you know what style suits you best so that you get the most out of it for many years to come. When selecting earrings in particular it is easy to be taken by something that sparkles on the shelf. But before you make that impulse choice here is a quick run-down on what styles of earrings suit certain shaped faces:
1. If you have a longer, narrow shaped face (oblong or rectangle) you are best to stick to earrings that give your face more width. Try round, oval shapes or even teardrop earrings. It is best to avoid long and fine, dangly earrings as they only elongate the face. Studs can make a great choice.
2. If you have a shorter /wider face (square and round) then the opposite applies. Choose earrings that have more length rather than width.

3. If you have a diamond or heart shaped face and your chin comes to a more defined point then earrings that are wider at the bottom and narrower at the top are best for you. Anything that has the opposite shape to your face will work well: triangle shapes are a great option.
4.If you have a triangle or pear shaped face then you are the opposite of diamond or heart. You have a wide jaw line, so it best to choose earrings that will contrast with your jaw line such as long, slender shapes. 

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