Why are Hearts & Arrow diamonds so desirable?

May 14, 2012 / Diamond Education, Engagement Rings

Heart & Arrow Diamonds are one of the rarest and most sort after types of diamonds on the market. The name Heart & Arrow refers to exactly what the name suggests – it is this pattern that is displayed as a result of extremely precise symmetry and proportions.

Heart and Arrow diamonds were discovered and introduced onto the world market in the 1980’s in Japan. Following the discovery of the first Heart & Arrow diamond in Japan a piece of equipment called the Heart & Arrow viewer became available. Using this tool it is possible to see the difference between a true Heart & Arrow diamond and a non Heart & Arrow diamond. As technology advanced so did the cutting skills. What sets a heart and arrow diamond apart is the perfect proportions and symmetry. When looking into a Heart & Arrow diamond it is like looking at a perfectly symmetrical kaleidoscope pattern. The way that the facets overlap each other is what creates this precise pattern. The perfect symmetry and proportion allows the light to reflect such brilliance making these diamonds so highly desirable.  When viewing a heart & arrow diamond from the crown (top) eight perfectly symmetrical arrows should be visible and from the pavilion (bottom) eight perfectly symmetrical hearts should be visible.

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