10 Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing Wedding Jewellery

Wedding jewellery is for some the after thought or the other extreme considered too prematurely. Basically, it is not often enough that the bride will give the consideration deserved when choosing the jewellery she will wear on her wedding day. It is, at the end of the day what can potentially make or break your entire look. Let’s put it simply, why spend a significant amount of money on a dress only to casually team it with jewellery you haven’t really thought about. You want your jewellery to complement your entire look perfectly, completing your look… It is those final touches that can make all the difference.
Organising a wedding is a busy, for some, a stressful time. It requires a lot of planning. Some women have not had the foresight or the guidance to remember to consider these things. So if you are planning your big day, here are a few common mistakes that are made by brides when organising their wedding jewellery:

1. Make sure it is on your to do list!

This is the most common and detrimental mistake, when wedding jewellery is not even considered. It’s not even a thing that crosses their mind until the very last minute… That chaotic week before the big day.

2. Upstaging the Dress

The dress is the most important part of your outfit… Your jewellery is to complement it, not take centre stage so that the dress becomes unmemorable.

3. The Dress Comes First not the Jewels…

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the jewels before the dress. Finding the perfect dress can be a difficult task… So don’t make it harder by narrowing your options further by choosing jewels that demand attention and then finding the dress that will suit.

4. This Classic over Fashionable / Trendy

Timeless and classic pieces will always stand the test of time, particularly when you are browsing through your photo album in years to come. Sometimes the latest trend is exactly that, a trend, that is only here for a short time.

5. Matching…. EVERYTHING!

No, no, no…. It is not necessary to match everything! It is enough that you most likely are dressed all in white. Subtle contrasts look beautiful… However, our only suggestion is if you are going to match one thing… make it the colour metal!

6. The Less is More Rule

This is the rule of thumb and the one to abide by. Sometime a simple necklace and bracelet is all you need. 

7. Not considering colour..

For some ladies crossing into the world of colour is a scary thought. It doesn’t have to be. A hint of colour can, with coloured gemstones can lift your whole outfit. 


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