5 Celebrities With Ethical Engagement Rings

October 19, 2014 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

We hear the words ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ a lot these days. But what exactly does it mean when it’s said that an engagement ring is ethical or sustainable? 
When choosing an ethical or sustainable engagement ring it can mean one of a few things. You may choose to purchase a vintage engagement ring; one that has been worn before and therefore opting to recycle – what might be old to someone can be new and sparkling to another.  You may also receive an heirloom piece with sentimental value. Or you may, like the majority of people, decide to have an engagement ring custom made or purchase a new, ready-made ring. If this is you, then it is important to make an educated and informed choice as to where your diamond has come from. Thankfully this is made much easier these days with the ‘Kimberley Process’ that sets strict international guidelines. The Kimberley Process is a United Nations declaration signed by 54 diamond producing countries to help stop the mining and sale of conflict diamonds that fund war crimes. 
As a consumer it is important to check with your jeweller that they support ethical diamond and gemstone trade practices and that they only sell conflict free diamonds. Choosing a jeweller that belongs to a known jewellers association that has a strong code of ethics offers peace of mind. In Australia, the two major associations are the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) and the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia (GSGA).
It goes without saying that the hands of Hollywoods have a big influence on fashion trends. Many wait in anticipation for the first glimpse of the next stars big, dazzling rock set into their engagement ring. It is wonderful that there are several stars in Hollywood who are setting an example by opting for more sustainable and ethical choices. 
A few noteworthy stars that are setting the trend for ethical choices are:
1. Scarlett Johansson’s fiancé opted to recycle with a stunning, antique Art Deco engagement ring.
2. Kate Middleton received the beautiful heirloom Sapphire engagement ring that was once worn by Princess Diana, arguably one of the most famous engagement rings in the world.
3. Natalie Portman received a stunning engagement ring that was made with recycled platinum and ethically sourced diamonds.
4. Angelina Jolie, being an activist for human rights, was proposed to with a custom-made, ethically mined diamond engagement ring sourced by husband Brad Pitt.
5. Amal Alamuddin, a human rights lawyer, unsurprisingly received an ethically sourced 7 carat diamond engagement ring from George Clooney.
A last word of advice for those that may be wondering if there are any risks involved with purchasing a vintage engagement ring: proceed with caution. Due to the fragile nature of some antique rings, it is not uncommon that they will require ongoing maintenance. Antique rings can often have dangerously thin claws that may put your diamond or gemstone at risk of coming loose. The best option is to seek some expert advice before making the purchase! 

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