5 Top tips for choosing the perfect piece of jewellery to give dad this Father’s Day

by Kate Reid
August 20, 2018 / Jewellery Buying Guide

1. Find out what design of jewellery dad likes

One of the most important tips this Father’s Day is to take into account what catches
dads’ eye in the shops. Is there a store he loves to go into? Recently big retail
companies have invested money into making a feature of jewellery because today,
men are wearing jewellery with more confidence than ever before. Take him out
shopping and keep a close eye on what he likes inside the jewellery stores, this will
give you an insight into ideas for a colour scheme and style of jewellery that will help
you narrow down the right choice for Father’s Day.

2. Consider your dad’s lifestyle, what’s practical yet elegant?

When trying to choose the right piece of jewellery for Father’s Day, be sure to
consider his lifestyle, career and hobbies too. One functional piece of jewellery that
most men wear is a watch, so look in dad’s collection of jewellery, even drop hints
and consider is he the kind of man who likes a functional technological watch or a
classic leather style? Often retail stores are offering a great combination of both so
perhaps this is the best of both worlds!

3. What types of designs is he most attracted to?

Always think about what dad needs in his collection of jewellery, is it a new chain?
Or a new watch? Buying a gift that someone doesn’t have will benefit both you and
the receiver because not only will dad love the idea of adding something unique to
his wardrobe but he will want to wear your gift because it’s the only one he owns.
Take into account his sense of fashion too, ask yourself does he work in an office and
wear business suits or is he an outdoor guy who needs something for everyday or

4. Keeping things simple yet meaningful

When it comes to selecting jewellery for men, keep it easy with something classy,
simple and a bit special. For this Father’s Day perhaps consider purchasing a silver
ring that will complement his wedding ring. Pairing silver jewellery with a grey or
dark combination suit will pull together a sleek and fearless look. Not only will dad
feel powerful with his ring on but the symbolism of power, wealth and
commitment are all qualities a man won’t be able to resist.

5. Make it personal

When choosing a gift for someone, I think it is always nice to make it extra personal
to the receiver. It’s a demonstration of that extra level of care and consideration and
something that any Dad is sure to love. The perfect example of this is a piece of
jewellery that has been personalised in some way. Whether it by incorporating their
initials into a beautiful pair of cufflinks or even designing a bespoke signet ring with
your family’s crest on it, any Dad would love these personalised gifts.

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