6 Tips to Help Handle Unsolicited Wedding Advice

by Kate Reid
January 13, 2020 / Engagement and Weddings

The ring is on the hand and you have announced your engagement to your family and friends. Something you may start to notice is it seems everyone around you is suddenly an expert and knows exactly what you and partner should do for your wedding. It’s a very exciting time and, sometimes, it can be stressful. In this article, we would like to share some helpful tips on how to stay sane and deal with all the external pressures.

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It’s your day! The most important thing to remember is that you are choosing to get married which means you get to choose how you get married. Whether you decide to have a traditional wedding or a small informal gathering, there is a lot to organise and many choices to be made. Unlike other events, weddings have an added element to them, they are celebrating love, the most powerful of emotions!!

Tip 1 -Talk to each other

It’s your wedding, talk to each other about what you both would like the wedding day to be, how you see it, express your ideas to each other. Have a joint vision and clarity on how you both would like it to be, that way you can keep each other on track and support each other when all the external factors come and they will come.

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Tip 2 – Set a budget!

Sounds simple but keeping to it is way harder than anyone anticipates. Keep it up to date and be honest with it, it’s the start of your lives together so don’t let it break the bank. It’s easy to run away with ideas and let the budget blow out. Set a budget and see how creative you can be within that limit. Ask friends for help you may be surprised by how willing they are and what hidden talents they may have. Here are some great ideas for things you can DIY for your wedding.

Tip 3- Manage the guilt

At some point during the planning and organising of the wedding, we are going to be made to feel guilty. This is natural and most people will feel it. It could be that we are just not used to it and a little uncomfortable with being the centre focus of an event or it could be pressure to invite your great aunt Audrey that you only met once when you were 5 years old. By having the conversation early with your partner, you can support each other when people are been a little too strong with their ideas. You may have together decided to have a small wedding with immediate family and close friends. You won’t be able to please everyone all the time and emotions are running high and sometimes words can be said to make us feel guilty. We all have the right to express our opinion but its how you choose to take that advice that is important.

Tip 4 – Filter advice

You want your wedding day to be special, a reflection of the both of you and the love you have found together. Have a strong idea of how you and your partner want the day to be. Listen to the advice from others but only apply the ideas that work for you. You want it to be your day and not just like somebody else’s wedding.


Tip 5 – Don’t fall victim to the competition and pressure

This is one that can creep up on you. You may not be a competitive person but, as you start planning and preparing for the wedding, you may start finding yourself comparing your upcoming nuptials to others’ and having “my wedding will be better” types of thoughts. The competition has already started with yourself. Really, you want your wedding day to be special and memorable for the two of you and your guests. Gather ideas share them with your partner, discuss it together and create the wedding you both would like to have. That way your wedding isn’t influenced by external forces or by the competition of what someone else has done or thinks you should do. You may also be feeling the pressure of having the “perfect wedding”, try to let it go, something has gone wrong with every wedding!

Tip 6 – The interfering mother-in-law

See Tip 3- Manage the guilt

Finally, try and enjoy the process. It is a time full of emotions and memories for you and the close loved ones around us. In the end, everyone just wants to come together and celebrate your union together. Think about your choices and be guided by your heart, even though some of the difficult times that may come up, communicate with each other and you will have a wonderful wedding day and a beautiful start of your life together!

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Have you experienced external pressures when you were planning your wedding? If you have, please share your experience and what tips would you give.


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