7 Things Brides Forget on Their Wedding Day

by Kate Reid
September 21, 2018 / Jewellery Buying Guide

With wedding season almost upon us, it is safe to say that brides-to-be across Australia are busily crossing off their to-do lists. With the rings, dress, venue, music and a seemingly endless list of things choose before the big day, it is understandable some smaller details which get overlooked.

Some things just simply do not make it to the front of one’s mind and you would not be alone if you forgot things on the day. So, just for you, we have put together a list of 7 things that commonly get overlooked or forgotten altogether.


What jewellery you are going to wear on the big day is often at the back of your mind and then becomes a rushed decision in the final hour. Your wedding jewellery can complete your look and create the perfect final touch. When choosing your wedding dress, start thinking about the kind of bride you want to be, ie how you want to finish your outfit off. There is nothing worse than deciding on the jewellery you must have and then spending the last couple of days prior to your wedding rushing to find the perfect piece.

2. Dancing Shoes!

Your wedding day is a long day of celebrating. The shoes you wear walking down the aisle will not necessarily be the appropriate shoes to wear whilst dancing the night away. Choose your evening shoes wisely so you don’t spend the day after nursing blistered feet.

3. Eating

It sounds funny, but some brides need to remember to eat on their wedding day. It is normal to have a glass of champagne in hand the whole time but be sure you take the opportunity to eat. A good idea is to request the caterers to save a plate of food for you and your husband to be able to eat from throughout the night.

Bridal make-up

4. Makeup

Makeup will, of course, be on the list for every bride but just be sure to be wise about what you apply to your eyes. Remember, a wedding day does not usually go by without a few joyful tears.

5. Ring Box

The box you present your rings in is another thing that is not given a thought. Most good jewellers will supply your rings in a beautiful box but this is not the case for everyone. Either choose a beautiful box or opt for a lovely pillow for your rings to be presented on.

6. Speeches

More and more women are breaking the trend and taking the opportunity to make a speech on their wedding day. Traditionally it was the groom and the father of the bride who made the speeches. Whether or not you decide too, it is a great idea to set aside some time to put a few meaningful words together. No one enjoys feeling ill-prepared when the opportunity arises to address a room full of your closest loved ones.

Things to discuss before getting married

7. Take it All In

One of the wisest pieces of advice is to make sure you and your new husband or wife take a moment together to absorb it all. Step back and watch your guests enjoy the evening with a glass of champagne in hand, the day and night will be over before you know it and this will be a very special memory.

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