Canadian Diamonds Buying Guide

by Kate Reid
January 29, 2019 / Diamond Education, Positive Initiatives

Canadian Diamonds - Stunning and Sustainable

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, there are many things to consider; the style, the type of diamond or gemstone and your budget, are just a few. What sits at the top of your individual list is a personal choice but one of the biggest growing trends amongst ethically conscious couples is the origin of their diamond. More and more couples are taking into consideration both the human and the environmental impact of their purchase.

In recent years there has been increasing awareness of the negative impact the diamond industry has had on struggling communities in Africa and alike. Thankfully, there have been strict guidelines put in place by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme to govern the diamond industry and account for where each individual stone has come from.

It is not only the humanitarian responsibility that the diamond industry has a flawed history of but also the environmental impact. As a result, the increasing accessibility of Canadian diamonds comes as a welcome change to the socially and ethically conscious bride and groom.

Out of all the diamonds mined in the world, Canadian diamonds are some of the most sought after. Over the years, Canadian diamond mines have earned a reputation as a leader in sustainable mining practices. One of the most important initiatives put in place is the requirement for mining companies to commit to returning the environment close to its original state upon the mines being closed. Let’s take a closer look at what sets Canadian Diamonds apart:

Conflict Free Canadian Diamonds and the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct

When purchasing a Canadian diamond, you can take peace of mind in the knowledge that they are conflict-free, ethical diamonds. Canada was instrumental in the creation of the Kimberly Process and was one of the first countries to sign up to the progressive agreement.

In addition to the above, the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct goes beyond the Kimberly Process agreement. Canadian diamonds are mined in accordance with the guidelines of sustainable development and are mined to the highest environmental standards in the world. The Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct ensures that Canadian diamonds adhere to a minimum standard based on records and chains of origin which validate their authenticity.

Having the code in place means that Canadian Diamonds can always be traced from the consumer to the original source.

Canadian Environmental Mining Initiatives

One of the largest mines in Canada, the Diavik Mine in the Northwest Territories, is committed to ensuring that no damage is done to the surrounding water systems. These provide habitat for wildlife, particularly the Caribou. Rio Tinto works with the local indigenous communities to draw on their knowledge of how to preserve the nearby environment and waterways. Another important initiative is enlisting the help of Canadian Universities to monitor and report on any potential environmental impacts.


What Makes a Canadian Diamond So Special?

Not only are Canadian Diamonds some of the world’s most ethically sourced diamonds they are also incredibly beautiful. Mined in the wild and stunning Northern Canada, they are renowned for being very high quality with fewer inclusions and exceptional cutting standards. In a way, the knowledge that your diamond has benefited local communities rather than harmed them makes it even more beautiful. A diamond that is radiant for the good it does, not just the way it looks, now that sound like the gem for us!


Are Canadian Diamonds more expensive?

Canadian diamonds do come with a slightly higher price tag. This is due to the strict ethical and environmental standards that are in place and the process required to certify a diamond. Although you may pay more for a Canadian Diamond, you can be confident that the diamond you will wear for the rest of your life has been sourced and mined to the highest of standards.

So, is it worth the extra money? We think so. Maybe it means you increase your budget a little more or choose a slightly smaller stone, but we believe this is a small price to pay to support a pioneering environmental and social initiative. The diamond industry as a whole has done a lot to clean up the damage done many decades ago, but no country has done more than Canada. A diamond ring is a symbol of love so why shouldn’t we spend a little more to show some love to our planet as well. After all, we are happy to pay a little more for our reusable cup to be filled with fairtrade coffee, why not apply this logic here too?

Do Canadian Diamonds Have Serial Numbers?

Yes, Canadian diamonds have a unique tracking system that allows them to be traced from the consumer back to the original source. This traceability is possible through the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct, which goes beyond the requirements of the Kimberley Process. Each Canadian diamond adheres to a minimum standard based on detailed records and chains of origin, validating their authenticity and ethical sourcing. This rigorous tracking system provides peace of mind to consumers, assuring them that their Canadian diamond is genuinely conflict-free and mined with the highest environmental standards.

Where Do Canadian Diamonds Come From?

Canadian diamonds are mined in various regions across Northern Canada, particularly in the Northwest Territories. One of the largest and most well-known mines is the Diavik Mine, located in the pristine wilderness of the Northwest Territories. These mines have earned a distinguished reputation for implementing sustainable mining practices and stringent environmental measures. Mining companies operating in Canada are committed to leaving the environment as close to its original state as possible once the mining operations cease. They work collaboratively with local indigenous communities to preserve the surrounding habitats and wildlife, ensuring a minimal impact on the delicate ecosystems. The initiatives taken by Canadian mines reflect a dedication to environmental preservation and responsible mining, setting them apart as a leader in ethical diamond sourcing.

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Canadian Diamonds

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