8 of Our Favourite Engagement Rings Reimagined with Yellow Diamonds.

by Jarrad McErlain
February 15, 2021 / Diamond Education

At Larsen, we love coloured diamonds and yellow diamonds are most certainly set at the top of our list.
When it comes to the “usual” world of diamonds, colour is not normally something people are looking for. However, with fancy coloured diamonds, the colour is incredible!

three yellow diamond rings

So, what is a yellow diamond?

It would seem obvious from its name, but yellow diamonds are not always so obvious.
Their colour can vary from something barely noticeable to colour so intense, it looks like the sun, or perhaps a canary!
Diamonds formed naturally underneath the earth’s surface millions of years ago, as did yellow diamonds. After a natural, rough, yellow diamond is bought to the surface it will then be carefully cut to further enrich its beauty. Yellow diamonds are cut in the full array of popular shapes. Unlike white diamonds, they will also be cut to greater enhance their colour rather than simply focusing on their brilliance alone.

As with all diamonds, it is best to purchase through reputable dealers. Yellow diamonds can be enhanced through different treatments (some are permanent, others are not). Nevertheless, we will always disclose any treatments must always to the client and will appear on any identifying certification.

Where do yellow diamonds come from?

Internationally speaking, Australia has produced some of the finest yellow diamonds ever seen. Coming out of the Argyle and Ellendale mines in Western Australia, these diamonds come with Argyle certificates are well sought after globally for this exact reason. Yellow diamonds also come out of South America and South Africa. The “Cape” series of diamonds, or tones of yellow, derives its name from Cape Town in South Africa.

Are yellow diamonds expensive?

Diamond pricing is always a little complex, however, pale yellow or cape series diamonds are often slightly lower in price than whiter stones. Without oversimplifying diamond pricing, this trend tends not to continue as the diamond’s colour becomes fancier. Supply, demand, and rarity are always contributors to diamond pricing as large, intense fancy yellow diamonds are indeed rare.

How are yellow diamonds graded?

White and yellow diamonds receive grades from the same alphabetical colour scale. Colourless stones and near colourless at the beginning of the scale with brown, grey, and yellow diamonds taking up the rest of the chart. A yellow diamond could start showing yellow colour from the grading of J or K. The 4 C’s still apply for yellow diamonds.

Once a diamond’s colour becomes more intense it is will receive a “Fancy” colour grade. The fancy grading system is split into subcategories using terms like Fancy Light, Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid. For yellow diamonds, terms such as “Canary yellow” are less specific and will not appear on diamond certification. However, one should expect the colour of Canary yellow diamonds to be quite intense; like the colour of the bird.

What metals suit yellow diamonds?

Quite simply put, yellow diamonds go with all colour tones of metal. Often a paler yellow diamond will have a yellow setting to further enhance the beauty of the stone. A white setting will give a perfect contrast to a yellow diamond’s colour and sparkle. Rose gold could possibly add a peachy tone perfectly suited to your design ideas.

What skin tones suit yellow diamonds?

As with yellow diamonds going with all metal types, so does it go with all skin types. Yellow glows just as beautifully on darker skin tones as it does on paler ones.

Can you use yellow diamonds in engagement rings?

Absolutely! Yellow diamonds natural colour lends itself beautifully to someone who wishes to have a ring with a difference. If you love Autumn and Summer colours, then a yellow diamond may be exactly what you are dreaming of!

Famous yellow diamonds

Kimberley Octahedral: Weighing 616cts, this amazing yellow diamond was found in 1972 and is still untouched. It is on display, where it was found, in the Kimberley region of South Africa.

The Cora Sun Drop: This massive, intense yellow diamond was found in South Africa in 2010. After 6 months of careful consideration, the diamond was cut into the magnificent 110.3ct pear-shaped stone form that it is today.

The Incomparable: In its rough form, this beauty weighed 890 carats! Found in the 1980s this stone took 4 years of planning before it’s cutting was undertaken.

What designs suit yellow diamonds?

We have spent a lot of time designing and creating rings that perfectly suit yellow diamonds, and here are our 8 favourites:


Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Our designers can adapt this elegant split claw setting design to suit just about any shape stone. Seen here with a beautifully cut oval centre stone Aurelia’s lines and style with white shoulder diamonds frame any yellow diamond perfectly.

Rosetta Oval

The gorgeous contrast of the yellow diamond against the surrounding diamonds makes Rosetta a perfect example of how you could flaunt your yellow diamond.


Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

A stunning yellow pear-shaped diamond shown here set in 18ct Yellow gold, with Celestial’s contemporary half halo of white diamonds is another fine example by our treasured Larsen design team.


Radiance White Gold Engagement Ring

The lines of Radiance draw your eye seamlessly into this stunning radiant cut yellow diamond. Our designers will select the trapezoid cut shoulder diamonds to perfectly match your centre stone.


Halo Platinum Engagement Ring

This is definitely a statement piece for anyone wishing to enhance their yellow diamond with a double halo and shoulder diamond design. Easily custom designed to suit any shaped centre stone, Halo could just be the ring for your yellow diamond.


Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

The infinite woven band of Entwine is another stunning Larsen design. Yellow diamonds work beautifully as the centrepiece and could easily be introduced into the shoulder stones.


Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

The perfect setting lines of Honour undeniably holds its own place in our essential yellow diamond designs. A flawless addition to anyone’s collection.

Delta Trio

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

A stunning yellow diamond 3 stone engagement ring, Delta Trio is a beautiful balance of superior design and shape. Three stones are wonderful at giving that bit more than the classic solitaire.

Yellow diamonds are simply amazing and absolutely worth introducing into your unique jewellery collection. If you are not sure which intensity of yellow diamond or of which design suits you, simply contact either our Melbourne or Sydney studios or make an appointment and we will happily help you find the perfect ring.

I guess the only question to ask now is, which design will you choose for your yellow diamond?


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