Contemporary Engagement Rings

We have outlined previously the popularity, and seemingly ‘never-ending’, trend of vintage style engagement rings but the other distinctly popular style is contemporary engagement rings. Whilst vintage rings are often embellished with intricate detail, diamonds and colour, contemporary engagement rings; designed for the modern, and fashion-forward, are often minimal in comparison featuring strong, sleek lines, perfect symmetry and a striking centre stone demanding attention.
There are no rules when it comes to designing a contemporary engagement ring. With a clearly considered aesthetic they are eye-catching and unique all at the same time, an evolution of the traditional designs. Think fluid movement, interesting settings and innovative design, if you are after a modern design that is individual in style consider, having a contemporary engagement ring custom designed just for you.
Regardless of the style of your ring, be it contemporary or vintage the first things you need to consider is how practical the design will be to wear, whether will it withstand everyday wear, how secure will your diamonds or gemstones be and of course how does it look. Once all these boxes have been considered and ticked off you are on your way to having that dream ring sitting proudly on your finger.
Here are 5 of our favourite contemporary engagement rings:
The ‘Zen’
The ‘Pear Pave’
The ‘Tzarina’
The ‘Ivy’
The ‘Rosetta (Brilliant)

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