Creative Engagement Announcement Ideas

by Kate Reid
March 14, 2017 / Engagement Rings

In the age of technology and social media, it is becoming the “norm” to announce you’re getting married and flaunt your engagement ring to the world online. We usually keep the intimate phone calls for those that are closest to us, family and close friends, but to let our wider social community know of the wonderful news, the quickest and easiest option for most is via a post on Facebook or Instagram.

With the popularity of announcements through social media growing, the ways in which people are announcing are becoming more and more creative. From photos to videos to writing it in the sand or in the sky the ways are endless, the key is to create a ‘Wow’ factor that will ensure the reaction that you are after.

There are endless ways to go about announcing your engagement, it’s up to you and your imagination! At Larsen Jewellery we have come across some wonderful announcements, and to give you some inspiration on how you can announce your big news, we have scrolled the internet for what we think are 10 of the best engagement announcements:

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