The Double Halo Engagement Ring

by Kate Reid
October 20, 2017 / Celebrity, Engagement Rings

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, there are a few main styles that jump to mind. The six-claw solitaire usually comes first, followed by the halo and the three-stone engagement ring. One other design that is creeping up in popularity is a variation of the halo engagement ring, the double halo.

The double halo is exactly what it says it is, a centre diamond or coloured gemstone surrounded by not one but two diamond halos. It is the perfect style for ladies that don’t often shy away from a touch of extra sparkle.

This style lends itself to many variations but the most common shapes of choice, are either round brilliant, cushion cut or oval-shaped centre stone. Either choose two diamonds halos or opt for your favourite coloured gemstones. You may even choose to contrast your halos with different coloured diamonds or gemstone or choose a subtle graduation in colour.

A big drawcard for the double halo is that it is a great way to create the illusion of a larger centre stone. If your budget won’t stretch so far to allow the extravagant centre diamond that some Hollywood stars can afford, then a double halo is a perfect solution to achieving that fabulous sparkling ring.

Some of our favourite celebrity engagement rings have a double halo, one of the standouts is Natalie Portman’s round brilliant diamond engagement ring. Portman, the classic beauty, proves that an engagement ring coated in diamonds can be elegant and stylish. Portman’s ring features an antique old mine cut as the centre stone offset by a double halo and a fine band set with diamonds.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how you can incorporate a double halo into your engagement ring:

One of Larsen Jewellery’s stunning rose gold and pink sapphire, double-halo engagement rings.

Natalie Portman’s stunning diamond coated double-halo engagement ring.

Jennifer Hudson’s exquisite platinum and white diamond double-halo engagement ring.

Ashley Tisdale’s cushion cut diamond engagement ring featuring a pave set double halo.

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