Eight Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s

February 7, 2015 / Engagement Rings, Jewellery Buying Guide

Valentine’s Day – the day of love, a day to show your partner just how much you love them.
Christmas and New Years has just passed and now the next big love orientated celebration is Valentine’s Day. Unlike every other celebration, Valentine’s Day is about you and your loved one, a day for just the two of you, to make each other feel special and show just how much you love them. Life gets busy; responsibilities can weigh us down so Valentine’s Day is that perfect reminder of what is the most important thing in life.
For many couples February the 14th will be the day you get engaged and for other couples, Valentine’s Day is made that bit more special as you remember the day that you once became engaged.
So what does Valentine Day mean to you?
Not everyone embraces this beautiful day, but why not in 2015 make this day, no matter how small or big the gesture, a day to do something just for you and your partner – to make your partner feel that they are truly the centre of your world.
If you find it hard to come up with ideas or are just looking for a little inspiration here are eight ways to celebrate Valentines Day this year:
The Traditional Candlelit Dinner
No one will ever be disappointed when whisked off to a romantic dinner for two. Order her favourite cocktail and don’t forget dessert!
Play Chef for The Night
If you are like many, and often find your significant other making dinner for you then why not take this opportunity to spoil her and play chef for the night. Have the champagne ready, the candles lit and the bath ready for her to relax whilst you cook up a storm!
Surprise Her With Flowers
Yes, flowers may seem standard but there is a reason for that! Receiving a bunch of flowers or roses on Valentine’s Day will always make your partner feel special. If she is at work, surprise her with a bunch of roses and she will be the envy of everyone in the office!
A Love Letter
To acknowledge Valentines Day does not mean you need to undertake a grand gesture. Sometimes it is the simplest things that make a lasting memory. With written word slowly becoming a thing of the past, why not put pen to paper and let them know how much you love them.
Whisk Them Away For The Weekend
Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year, so why not use that to your advantage and whisk them away for a romantic getaway… Think secluded, good wine, good food and just the two of you!

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