Five Unique Diamond Cuts

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It is true that the way to a girl’s heart is with a beautiful, dazzling diamond. But what shape of diamond is going to be ‘the one’ for your partner?
It is safe to say that no matter what you choose your partner will be overwhelmed with joy. You may decide to opt for the popular and classic choices of a, Round Brilliant cut or Princess cut diamond. Or you may wish to choose a lesser known, more uniquely shaped diamond. If you are after a unique style engagement ring, then choosing one of the rarer cuts is a great way to individualise your design. Whether you set your chosen diamond into a simple solitaire design, or an intricate and detailed design, a uniquely cut diamond will make your engagement ring sit on its own as an original piece.
Here are five of our favourite fancy cut diamonds:
  Asscher Cut: Becoming increasingly popular is the Asscher cut diamond.  The Asscher cut was created by Joseph     Asscher in 1902 and is often referred to as a ‘Square Emerald’ cut. The Asscher cut is an elegant step cut, similar       to  that of an Emerald cut, best suited to contemporary and Art Deco designs. The facets reflect light like mirrors.       The  Asscher Cut can be recognised by its high crown, small table facet, deep pavilion and, most importantly, its         cropped  corners. 
  Marquise Cut: One of the least known cuts is the Marquise cut. Marquise shaped diamonds are a great choice for       those with smaller fingers. The elongated shaped, like an Oval cut diamond, creates the illusion of longer fingers.         They also create the illusion of the diamond being larger than it actually is. 
  Radiant Cut: The Radiant cut is one of the more recent cuts. Created just over 20 years ago, the Radiant cut can be   square or rectangular in shape and has the same cropped corners as an Asscher or Emerald cut. The Radiant cut       features the same pattern of crown and pavilion facets as a Round Brilliant cut diamond, making it a more dazzling       than an Emerald cut. 
  Pear Cut: Combining the best parts of the Oval and Marquise cuts; the Pear cut diamond is arguably one of the most   exquisite diamond shapes. The beautiful teardrop shape suits both modern and vintage designs. One thing to keep in   mind when considering a Pear shaped diamond is the quality of the cut. It is important to choose a Pear shaped           diamond with a high cut grade. If a Pear shaped diamond has a poor grade it may exhibit a ‘bow tie’ effect, which is a   dark section or shadow in the diamond. 
  Heart Shape: The Heart shaped diamond is one of the more unique styles of cuts and, unsurprisingly, it is also           considered to be the most romantic of all the cuts. The most famous Heart shaped diamond is the 27.64-carat, fancy   vivid blue ‘Heart of Eternity’. 

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