How Jewellery Follows Fashion: Why We See The Jewellery We Do

by Kate Reid
June 6, 2018 / Design Trends

When we put together an outfit, we put with it the jewellery we think best matches it – that much is obvious. But what’s less obvious is how entire jewellery movements are influenced and dictated by the sartorial trends of the day.

Once you examine it, it’s easy to notice. One of the most recent inescapable jewellery trends has been the rise in rose gold – and it’s hard not to link it with the popularity of millennial pink. Though we’re now reaching saturation point with the peachy hue, in its heyday millennial pink managed to permeate every part of our lives.

Clad in what was variously called ‘rose quartz’ and ‘scandi pink’, we sipped rosé and snapped Instagrams with rose-gold iPhones: it’s no surprise that we also chose to get down on one knee with rose gold pieces and tie the knot with rose gold bands. Larsen Jewellery’s senior jeweller Kate Reid, says the trend is here to stay:

“Rose gold engagement rings, diamond set wedding rings and even men’s wedding rings have become increasingly popular, and it’s a trend we don’t see fading anytime soon. It’s the perfect middle ground between yellow gold and white gold. For the bride-to-be who has always worn silver or white gold jewellery, a rose gold ring won’t clash with her existing jewellery. The same can be said for lovers of yellow gold, as rose gold sits beautifully alongside yellow gold jewellery.”

Fine, delicate jewellery is also having a bit of a moment. Layering necklaces is a persistent trend, as is that of stacking dainty rings. That’s because the minimalism of these pieces follows well the clean-cut simplicity that has become the style du jour of the sophisticated businesswoman. Adding sparkle without overpowering, they speak of quiet confidence.

Thanks to fashion houses’ obsession with personalisation – see years of embroidered denim and leather jackets, and monogrammed purses – the need for personalisation in jewellery has become so popular to be practically non-negotiable. Princess Diana’s engagement ring saw a plethora of clones and imitations but nowadays, we want something that’s entirely our own.

Take, for example, the recent reveal of Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement ring, which apparently took more than 50 sketches to get right, and which features a stunning and particularly unusual arrangement of pear and square cut diamonds.

Custom designing allows you to create something that is perfectly yours”, says Kate. “We are forever refining our style, looking for that perfect hair colour or that pair of jeans that fits just right. Why would it be any different with your jewellery? At Larsen Jewellery, we have made everything from simple monogrammed cufflinks to awe-inspiring cocktail rings featuring inherited gemstones. We see people express themselves and their spirit through original and striking yet refined custom-designed pieces that we know will be treasured for decades to come. We embrace every challenge and take great pride in each personal creation.”

Though we think we pick jewellery for its timeless qualities, the evidence points elsewhere. We’re affected by trends, however much we might think we make classic choices. The beauty of that, however, is that as long as you pick something you’ll love forever, the cyclical nature of fashion will make sure it’s not long before you’re right on trend once more.

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