How to choose the Perfect Bridal Jewellery

December 4, 2013 / Bridal & Dress Jewellery


Bridal Jewellery can sometimes be one of those items on your never-ending list of things-to-do before your wedding day. It may be pushed aside by more pressing matters and left till last alongside what bag or purse you will carry. Perhaps the perfect time to consider what jewellery you and your bridesmaids will wear down the aisle is when you’re organising your wedding rings, at least a few months before the big day! 
We suggest that it is a good idea to stick to the rule of thumb – ‘less is more’! You are going to look exquisite on your wedding day. Your jewellery should complete your look, complement it subtly but not without stealing the show. Your wedding dress will most likely dictate what jewellery you choose. For example, the neckline of your dress might not allow for a long pendant. You want to enhance your look, not create a style clash!
Classic and elegant choices for your wedding day are pearl drop earrings or diamond studs. Delicate gold and diamond pendants and bracelets look lovely, or you might have a special heirloom piece that you want to wear. Most importantly, whatever your choice you should feel comfortable. Keep your personal style in mind when choosing; if you don’t normally wear a lot of jewellery, keeping it minimal is definitely the right choice for you. This is not the time to start trying out a new look! 
There are no rules as to what you should and shouldn’t wear. Your pieces do not need to match perfectly; you can even add a hint of colour with precious gemstones. Overall, your jewellery should be classic and timeless, reflecting who you are, so that in years to come you look at your photos endearingly and not with regret!

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