Popular Engagement Ring Trends

Fashion trends comes and go, but when it comes to engagement ring designs, these are here to stay… at least longer than the typical one season. This is no surprise. Engagement rings are meant to last a lifetime, they are timeless pieces that embody elegance and class and are made up of only the finest of materials. It is no wonder then that some engagement rings styles are seen time and time again. And amongst those popular classic styles i.e. the six claw Solitaire are newer styles and trends that are the beginning of a new classic. 
Recently we’ve seen this continuing trend… The same beautiful classics with some colourful unique designs. Here are some of the most popular designs in recent times, ones that we think are testaments to the timeless pieces and ones that we think are here to stay:

                                                       The Classic Solitaire

Whether it’s the most popular Round Brilliant 6-claw or a stunning Princess, Oval or perhaps an Asscher shaped diamond there is something about a solitaire engagement ring. A solitaire speaks for itself, a statement on its own and in its own right. 

                                                   Coloured Gemstone Bling

There’s no denying that coloured gemstone engagement rings are on the continuing rise, if you have any doubt just look at the hands of Hollywood – Halle Berry, Heidi Klum and Kate Middleton –  just to name a few. Whether it’s a beautiful, deep blue or a soft pastel hue, a hint of colour or a bright bold centre stone, when it comes to coloured gemstones the choices are endless. 

                                                          A Nod to Art Deco

Vintage styles are the undying trend, but one in particular is the Art Deco engagement rings. The strong lines, symmetry and perfect patterns are hard to look past for the keen design eye. Just take a look at Scarlett Johannsson vintage Art Deco ring for some Art Deco ring envy. 

                                                            Say it with a Halo

Sometimes one is not quite enough, and it may be fair to say you can never have too much sparkle! If the Solitaire is ‘The Classic’, then a ‘Halo’ engagement ring is the close runner up. Elegant and timeless, choose a diamond halo to set off your centre stone. Two of our favourites, make the perfect Halo choice.

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