Radiant cut Diamond Rings

by Kate Reid
September 3, 2018 / Diamond Education

Radiant cut diamonds are the perfect choice for those that are drawn to emerald and square cut diamonds but who also love the brilliance of a round brilliant diamond. They exude elegance and are the perfect option for those that love sophisticated designs with clean, crisp lines and symmetry.

Radiant cut diamonds are one of the more recent cuts invented in 1977 by Henry Grossbard. It was designed as the answer to elongated and square step cuts that were lacking the fire that is so desirable. With 70 facets and featuring the same crown and pavilion pattern of a round brilliant diamond, it ensures that this cut will dazzle more than its counterparts.

There is no set ratio for a Radiant cut, they are available in both rectangular and square cuts. The only important thing is to be sure you purchase a well-cut stone to ensure you get maximum sparkle.

In recent times the radiant cut has grown in popularity with celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Drew Barrymore, Megan Fox and Anna Kournikova all wearing radiant cut diamond rings. It is no surprise that women across the globe are taking interest in this stunning cut. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite engagement rings featuring radiant cut diamonds:

Anna Kournikova’s radiant yellow diamond engagement ring

The Radiance

The Tzarina

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