Our Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

by Kate Reid
November 10, 2017 / In The Media, Jewellery Buying Guide

One of the best things about a wedding is the honeymoon. When months of planning goes into pulling off the best day of your life, just the way you have dreamed of, the honeymoon is the icing on the cake.

The honeymoon is the perfect remedy for post-wedding blues, it is the time when you unwind with your husband/wife and pinch yourself into believing that this is real.

As much as we love jewellery at Larsen Jewellery, we also love swooning over dream honeymoon destinations. From island getaways to adventure packed honeymoons, there really is no limit to the options available.

Here are 10 dream destinations that we think cover every honeymoon style from ultimate luxury to adventure packed:


Bora Bora

Bora Bora is what honeymoon dreams are made of. When one thinks of Bora Bora, the first image that springs to most minds is endless crystal clear waters surrounding perfectly constructed 5-star bungalows. It is the ultimate romantic getaway where the only dilemma appears to be when to dive into the clear blue seas from your private bungalow or when to have your next massage.


Italians know how to enjoy life, hence why it doesn’t take honeymooners long to settle into the Italian way. It exudes romance and indulgence. From driving with the roof down through the windy roads of The Cinque Terra or Sicily to trying the finest wines and foods of Tuscany, every part is as picturesque as the next. Whichever Italian destination you choose, at no place will you be at a loss for delicious food and aperitifs.


Bali is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for Australians on honeymoon or not. With something for everyone, you can’t go wrong with this choice. Whether it is a remote luxurious resort, bars or some of the finest restaurants, Bali has everything you are after. It is also a relatively short flight so it’s perfect for a 1 week to 2-week escape!

Although Bali is known for its popular surf beaches, if you are after beautiful pristine beaches then you will need to venture off the island for some of the best on offer.


Nothing quite compares to the atmosphere in Brazil. It is sensual, sizzling and full of culture from the nightlife to the beaches and the rainforests to the incredible waterfalls of Iguazu. It is a worthy destination of an extended honeymoon and one that will ignite your senses.


A perfect destination for all, one where you can get your adventure on and also indulge in some well-deserved resort time. Africa is the land of the safari, a holiday on everyone’s to-do list. It is a perfect choice for a honeymoon, a trip you will never forget.


The most northern tip of Africa is a land of its own, it seems a world away from its European neighbours yet it’s only a short boat ride or flight to Europe. This country boasts incredible mountain ranges and the most breathtaking Sahara sunrises and sunsets. It is bordered by wild Atlantic coastline to the west and pristine Mediterranean waters to the north, it is a country that just keeps giving. Its natural beauty is unforgettable but more famous is the food and the shopping. With souks in every city overflowing with lanterns, rugs, and ceramics, your only problem will be is how to bring it all home with you!


Aptly labeled the city of love, this city is considered by many to be the most romantic honeymoon destination.  With endless galleries and museums, some of the world’s best shopping as well as the finest food and champagne around every corner, your time will pass with ease. If you decide to venture outside the Parisian borders, you will be graced with a country that has so much on offer; from the French Riveria to the wine regions of Bordeaux, France will take your breath away again and again.

Sri Lanka

Situated just off the south coast of India, Sri Lanka has been growing as a popular tourist destination in recent years. This small country offers a respite from the chaos of India, Sri Lanka has so much to offer. With a reputation for some of the best waves, it offers perfect beaches for those that want to sunbath or surf alike.  Head inland and you will be met by amazing mountains and rainforests, perfect for those that are partial to a hike or two. Sri Lanka also offers some of the finest honeymoon accommodation where you can completely unwind in isolated luxury.


The South-East Asia Triangle

Not too far from home and a destination where your money will go a long way is South East Asia, in particular, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Choose one or all three it is relatively easy to travel in between. From jungles to beach resorts and endless 5-star accommodation options, no two holidays will be the same. If you are after sun, massages, culture, and flavour then South East Asia is your answer.


We can’t forget our own backyard. One of the most diverse landscapes on offer, there is no shortage of honeymoon destinations. There are so many locations to choose from; a holiday on the Great Barrier Reef, a remote coastal trip along the West Coast to Broome or explore the red centre of Australia and all its natural beauty! From luxury to camping trips there really are endless options.

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