What You Need to Know About Rose Cut Diamonds

by Kate Reid
May 17, 2023 / Diamond Education, Engagement Rings

Rose-cut diamonds are an older style of diamond cut often found in antique rings. This style of cutting is traditionally hand cut. It originated in Antwerp in Belgium in the 1600s and was the most popular style up until the 1800s. This style of cutting maximised the weight of the diamond. Today, it is less popular especially since the huge popularity of the round brilliant diamond. Even though Rose cuts lack the sheer brilliance of modern-day cuts, they have their place. It is still a beautiful diamond and the rarity and history add to the desirability.

How To Identify a Rose Cut Diamond

A Rose cut diamond has no pavilion and usually features 12 – 24 symmetrical facets. These triangular facets come to a centre point. The number of facets is largely determined by the size, or carat weight of the diamond. There are varying styles of Rose cut diamonds, one of the more popular being the Dutch Rose which consists of the 24 facets. The Dutch Rose is made up of equal parts 12 upper facets and 12 lower facets. When looking at a Rose Cut diamond from above it looks a bit like a rosebud, hence the name ‘Rose Cut’.

Rose cut pear shaped diamond ring

This pear-shaped rose-cut beauty was custom made by Larsen Jewellery for Australian Bachelor royalty, Matty J and Laura Byrne. The ring is entirely handmade from Fairtrade 18ct yellow gold.

Are All Rose Cut Diamonds Old?

With the advancement of technology over time, many antique Rose Cut diamonds were re-cut into modern styles. Unfortunately, this means there are few genuine antique Rose cut diamonds on the market. Rose cutting is not a common practice in the modern-day diamond cutting world. Yet there are some diamond houses that are cutting a limited number of Rose cut diamonds. Rose cut diamonds are being featured in some trending designs, especially the boho style yellow gold designs like Laura Byrne’s ring above. Older style Rose cut diamonds were all hand cut which meant the lines often appeared jagged when closely looked at. New rose-cut diamonds embrace the use of technology to create perfect symmetry.

What Engagement Ring Designs Suit Rose Cut Diamonds?

If it is an antique style engagement ring that you are after, a Rose cut diamond may be the perfect choice for you. We work with leading diamond suppliers and can source you a beautiful diamond to suit your custom design.

Rose cut diamonds are in the midst of a resurgence. They exude glamour from a time once past, making them a perfect choice for vintage-inspired designs. If you are considering one of these old style cuts then there are a few things you should know before making your choice.

Is a Rose Cut Diamond Rare?

Rose cut diamonds have been around since the 16th century and continued to rise in popularity until the early 20th century. They are named after the rose flower as they are considered to resemble the shape of a rosebud. The timing of the rose cut diamonds decline was met with the advancement in technology and as a result, new cuts were introduced.  Since then, the rose cut diamond has taken a back seat to the round brilliants and many fancy cuts on offer.

With the continued love affair with vintage style engagement rings, it is no wonder that many are becoming familiar with the rose cut once again. This cut diamond differs quite a lot to the modern cuts. It has a flat base, where newer cuts have a pointed back called a pavilion, and the crown is a faceted dome.  The number of facets can range greatly from around 3 to 24. All rose cuts will differ slightly in shape.

Is a Rose Cut Diamond More Expensive?

Whilst they are rare, they are actually surprisingly good value for money. In very general terms, diamonds are priced per carat (the other 4 Cs impact the price too but the carat weight has the most significant bearing). Rose cuts are not deep at all which meant the weight is distributed length-wise and width-wise instead. As a result, rose cut diamonds have much larger length and width dimensions than modern cut diamonds of the same weight.

The most important thing to be aware of if considering a rose cut diamond is the sparkle factor. The advancement in technology in the 20th century meant diamond cuts were designed so that they would return the optimum amount of light to the viewer. When you sit a round-brilliant diamond next to a rose-cut diamond the rose cut will appear quite transparent and lifeless in comparison.

The rose cut diamond is for vintage lovers looking for a unique choice. It is a romantic option that looks beautiful in solitaire and halo designs alike. One beautiful example is the ring Jennifer Aniston received from Justin Theroux back in 2012, a stunning engagement ring featuring a rose cut diamond.

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