Why Custom Made Fine Jewellery is a Sustainable Choice

September 24, 2014 / Jewellery Buying Guide

In the world of consumerism in which we live literally everything is available at our fingertips. Shopping has never been so easy. Competition is fierce and prices just seem to go down and down. Luckily there is also an increasing awareness over the environmental impact that our consumerism has. This leads to the question; what can we do to decrease our footprint on the planet? With every purchase we make there is an underlying choice as to how and where the item was made.  It has never before has been so important to consider the impact our choices have on the environment. 
Very few industries operate with zero impact on the environment. This is why it is important to make an informed choice, especially on significant purchases such as jewellery. Why do we suggest purchasing custom made fine jewellery over mass produced? Apart from preserving an ancient craft, handmade pieces crafted out of precious metals and high quality gemstones are made to last a lifetime. Why is it that diamonds have been used for decades in engagement rings? Because they are the hardest material known to man. Making them the most durable choice when it comes to designing a ring that is to last a lifetime.
Custom designed fine jewellery can be, though isn’t necessarily, the more expensive option. When purchasing quality custom made jewellery there is no doubt that your piece will last a lifetime. Chances are it will even increase in value and many good jewellers will offer ongoing maintenance for the lifetime of the piece. In some instances you could purchase many cheaper imitations or pieces of jewellery, however- it is highly important to weigh up the differences and consider what the lifetime of these pieces would be, the quality of the materials used and thus how long they will last?  Consequently the questions is “what is the overall environmental impact of having one quality custom made piece over multiple ‘mass produced’ pieces of jewellery?”
When custom designing jewellery you get to be involved from start to finish. You may even have some heirloom pieces of jewellery that you may be able to have incorporated in your new piece.  The entire process becomes a journey and in the end you have a piece that is completely unique and personalised to you, worth what you paid for it and of high enough quality to last a lifetime. 
Why is it that in Ancient cultures adorned themselves with gold jewellery? Gold is a commodity that will not lose its value. (Gold is a commodity that will hold its value and even increase in value as time goes on) Purchasing fine jewellery is an investment as well as a luxury. So in 20, 30 or 40 years’ time is it better to have a draw full of mostly unworn, inexpensive jewellery or a couple of beautifully handcrafted, individual pieces?

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