Sapphire Rings: The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Sapphire Ring

When it comes to expressing eternal love and commitment there are few gestures that are as meaningful as an engagement ring. Diamonds have long been the traditional choice. Sapphire engagement rings have recently grown in popularity and are quickly overtaking diamonds. These exquisite gemstones are gaining traction for their timeless elegance and rich history. Unique hues add a vibrant touch to the timeless symbol of love.

A custom designed bespoke sapphire ring in rose gold

What is a sapphire?

A sapphire is a precious gemstone belonging to the corundum mineral species. Sapphires possess remarkable hardness. Their hardness makes them well-suited for use in various types of jewellery. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are great options for sapphire jewellery. Sapphires work beautifully as gemstones in everyday jewellery. They are a great option for unique and colourful engagement rings.

What colour are sapphires?

Sapphires are most associated with a deep blue colour but they come in a wide range of colours. This is due to trace elements present during their formation creating different colours. Australian sapphires are known for their inky blues through to bright greens and yellows. Sri Lanka is most well-known for its vivid bright blue. The special name for a blue sapphire from Sri Lanka is ‘Ceylon’. We have a blog for all things Ceylon Sapphire related right here.

The rarest and most valuable sapphire colour is ‘padparadscha’. This refers to the perfect combination between orange and pink. Sapphires can come in almost every colour. All except the red variety are called sapphires; the red variety is called ruby. They also come in a range of tones from soft pastels to intense and bright colours. Peach and pink colours suit rose gold. We have another blog with our expert tips discussing padparadscha and peach sapphires.

Oval Peach Sapphire Engagement Ring with Diamond Side Stones

How hard are sapphires?

Mineral hardness is measured on a scale called the Mohs Scale of Relative Hardness. This scale compares the hardness (scratch resistance) of minerals and assigns a numerical rank out of 10. Sapphire (corundum) sits extraordinarily high on this scale, at 9 out of 10 for hardness. Sapphire is one of the hardest natural minerals, overtaken only by diamond which sits at 10 on the Mohs scale. Like anything, sapphires can be damaged with a strong force applied. It’s always advised to treat any engagement ring gently and to avoid any deliberate damage.

Where are sapphires found?

Sapphires are found all over the world. Different regions produce sapphires of distinct qualities and colours. India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar are best known for velvety and bright blues. Blue sapphires originating from Sri Lanka and Madagascar are called Ceylon sapphires. These are a traditional colour choice with a history dating back centuries. India’s region of Kashmir is famed for its vibrant blue sapphires of exceptional rarity. Australian sapphires are a great choice for sapphire engagement rings due to their wide range of complex colours. Australian sapphires range from bright blue to green to yellow. Many colours often combine in one stone. We call this parti (short for partition) and it often results in a teal colour. Montana, Madagascar and Tanzania are also great sources for fancy colour and teal sapphires.

Parti Sapphire Engagement Ring with Split Claw Details

Should I pick an Australian sapphire for my engagement ring?

Australian sapphires are primarily found in Queensland and New South Wales. They are a great option for someone searching for a sustainable and ethical engagement ring. Australian sapphire mining occurs on a very small scale. There is minimal equipment and tools and often run by individuals or small team numbers. Australian sapphires are also highly variable in size and colour patterns. They’re a fantastic option for anyone looking for a unique gemstone for an engagement ring. Like fingerprints, no two Australian sapphires are the same and are full of personality. Australian sapphires are affordable compared to other gems including diamonds.

What month is the sapphire birthstone?

A birthstone is a gem that is chosen to symbolise a particular month of the year and used to represent birthdays. Sapphire represents September. Many people choose a sapphire for an engagement ring or a dress ring because of a connection to a September birthday. It can be chosen to reflect the wearer’s birthday. It may also represent someone important in the wearer’s life such as a parent, partner, or child.

What does sapphire represent?

Sapphire is used in special pieces of jewellery for its cultural and/or historical significance. Sapphire was always favoured by royalty. We can see this even with contemporary nobility. Kate Middleton wears a deep blue engagement ring which was originally owned by Princess Diana. We have a special post written exclusively about this royal sapphire ring here.

Sapphire ring

Princess Eugenia has a unique padparadscha sapphire engagement ring. Deep blue sapphires were associated with wisdom and enlightenment. Their deep navy blue is reminiscent of the expansiveness of the night sky. We can see the trend moving towards unusual, coloured sapphires. Couples are shifting away from traditional designs, preferring to choose something bespoke.

Why choose a sapphire engagement ring?

Sapphire mining has a low impact on the environment and is a great choice for sustainability. Sapphires suit every metal and there’s a colour for everyone. Their durability makes them ideal for daily wear. Sapphires allow you to choose your favourite colour and showcase your own personality. Sapphires have a timeless quality that transcends trends and fashion. Choosing a sapphire engagement ring means selecting a gemstone that will remain elegant and captivating throughout the years.

How to pick a sapphire ring?

The true beauty of sapphires is their captivating colour range. Colour is subjective so the idea of the perfect colour will change dramatically from one person to the next. It doesn’t matter if the colour is perceived as more or less valuable if it’s the colour that draws you in. Designs for sapphire rings work just like any other ring. It can be nice to incorporate diamonds in some way because the whiteness of a high-quality diamond will pick up the colours in the sapphire. They work beautifully on their own too. The most important thing is choosing the colour, shape and size that suits you. Sapphires come from nature so there can be limitations based on what has come from the earth. Greens and yellows suit yellow gold. Deep blue and black sapphires suit white gold.

How much does a sapphire ring cost?

Sapphires vary greatly in price. The type of colour and country of origin can influence the value of a sapphire. The weight of the sapphire also influences its price. Larger sapphires which are heavier will cost more than a smaller one, all other things being equal. Some colours like deep bright blue and padparadscha command a high price. Australian sapphires are inexpensive compared to many other gems considered for engagement rings. There are sapphires to suit all ranges of budgets and styles.

What colour sapphire is most valuable?

Sapphires are appreciated for their carat, clarity, rarity, and colour. The orange-pink colour called padparadscha is the most valuable sapphire colour. Rich, vibrant blues from Kashmir and Sri Lanka are also valuable sapphire colours. If these colours are found in clean and large sizes, they can cost more than a diamond! Rich Ceylon blue is highly valued because of its extensive history among nobility and royalty. Padparadscha is valued for its rarity. Australian sapphires don’t have the same vast history as Ceylon sapphires so they don’t fetch a premium. Their recent rise in popularity is due to the individuality of each gem.

Three Stone Ring Featuring an Oval Padparadscha Sapphire and Two Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Where to buy a sapphire engagement ring?

Larsen Jewellery can source high-quality sapphires from a huge range. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and enjoy finding sapphires tailored to all requests. You can browse our range of designs or contact us to discuss a unique design.

Our top 5 most popular sapphire ring designs

Are you thinking of designs to suit a sapphire engagement ring? Take a look at some of our favourites! These are some of our most popular sapphire ring designs:


Reminiscent of the famous royal sapphire engagement ring, this cluster is for the dreamers. An elegant basket of diamonds encircles a rich blue oval sapphire:

Oval Halo Engagement Ring White Gold | Aquarius

Peach Rosetta in Rose Gold

Soft and romantic. The Peach Rosetta includes a peach-coloured sapphire. The centre is surrounded by white diamonds encased in rose gold:

Peach Sapphire Engagement Ring Rose Gold | Peach Rosetta

Nouvelle Lune

The perfect design for diamonds to wrap around the centre sapphire without fully encircling it in a halo. The Nouvelle Lune is a beautiful teal sapphire with a series of diamonds nestled alongside the sapphire in crescent shapes:

Oval Side Stones Engagement Ring White Gold | Nouvelle Lune


Refined and charming, leaf-shaped diamonds flank a pale sapphire:

Oval Sapphire with Side Stones Ring in Platinum | Amalfi

Bluebell Engraved

Ready for a vintage throwback? With a deep blue centre sapphire and a smaller diamond on either side, this hand-engraved ring has everything to make a vintage heart sing:

Cushion Engraved Dress Ring White Gold | Bluebell (Engraved)

How to clean a sapphire ring?

Rings will become subject to dirt build-up with wear. This is a natural consequence of wearing and cherishing your engagement ring. It’s important to use gentle methods so you don’t damage the sapphire or the ring. Warm water in a clean dish with a splash of dishwashing detergent does the job. Soak the ring in the water solution for a couple of minutes, give it a gentle but thorough scrub with a clean toothbrush, and rinse it under cool water. After drying with a tissue or soft cloth, the ring is ready to dazzle again!

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