6 Ways To Incorporate Black Into Your Wedding

by Kate Reid
November 1, 2019 / Design Trends, Engagement and Weddings

It’s hard to deny black is the best ‘shade’ since sliced bread. For example, if you’re deciding what colour car you should choose, you know it’s always going to look better in black. Same goes for clothing, it’s a smart, appropriate colour for ALL events, it’s also an economic fashion choice. If every single clothing item you purchase is black then your whole wardrobe is colour coordinated. You may also want to consider applying this logic to your wedding colour palette. . .

Despite black being an amazing shade/colour, most brides are reluctant to use it in their wedding out of fear and concern it will make their wedding look like a funeral. Well, we’re here to tell you that’s simply not the case! You don’t have to make it your main colour, but when used correctly, black can give your wedding a really modern and elegant vibe. See our tips below for how you can incorporate black into your wedding.


By opting for black furnishings, you’ve already done half the work. It eliminates the need to purchase or hire chair covers. Steer your eye towards wooden black chairs, they’re classic, will look fantastic if you’re going for an edgy yet sleek aesthetic. You can also coordinate the black chairs with more black elements on your tables including a black table runner (it will also mask those food and drink spillages), long black candles which look incredibly effective when paired with brass holders. Now this look may not work for a beach wedding but it is absolutely perfect for a barn style wedding.

Here are some more black furnishings you may like to consider adding to your wedding decor:

  • Matte crockery – if you do like the idea of a black table runner or cloth but feel black crockery will look overwhelming, consider grey or textured plates!
  • Place Cards
  • Dance Floor
  • Cake Topper
black wedding decor

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Hear me out, I’m not suggesting an entire black rose bouquet, although they do look really cool. For your bouquet, was thinking more along the lines of a cascading-bohemian-feel bouquet filled with Protea, wildflowers, luscious green foliage and pops of black. Adding little pops will accentuate the colour and size of your hero flowers.

Here are some ideas for black flowers you might like to add to your bouquet:

  • Back Dahlia
  • Hellebore
  • Pansy
  • Queen of Night Tulip
  • Not technically black, but the Paper Daisy – they’re typically common in pink, orange and yellow, you can also find them in dark shades of silvery-purple

Why limit yourself to black flowers in your bouquet though? If you’re having a flower wall at your wedding, mix it up and avoid the standard shades of pastel colour theme. A fantastic colour combination including eucalyptus-green, lilac, blush pink and black will not only be a sight for sore eyes, but the colour palette is also the perfect backdrop for the outfits of the bride and groom as well as their guests.

How to incorporate black into your wedding


Monochrome cakes are all the rage right now! Think rustic, artisanal, add a little gold and you’ve made your cake a star attraction. Your options to customise go beyond the floral arrangement added to the cake, as you can play around with texture such as a different texture for each tier. If a completely black and white cake is a little too bold and striking for your taste, you’re in luck! Wedding cake decorating sure has come a long way since the 1990s which are a homage to white-baby’s-breath-everywhere-wedding. Bakers and decorators have also played around with ‘ombre buttercream icing’ so you could have a blended look of black descending down to white. You’ve got the best of both worlds right there!

black wedding cake


Be careful not to oversee the design of your wedding invites, as they set the mood and theme of your wedding. Although the time-honoured off-white cardstock with fine back calligraphy technically includes black, don’t be afraid to be a little more daring with this. A few rocking design layouts include a black invite with hot-foil stamped text in rose or yellow gold and matte black with high gloss relief calligraphy. Alternatively, if you’d like an option a little more subtle, customising the inside lining of the envelope in entirely black is sure to create an ‘ooohhh’ followed by ‘aahhhh’ reaction from your guests.

black wedding invites

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If you’ve been dating black before you met your spouse-to-be, dare to go for a black wedding dress. After all, it’s a colour of authority, power, sophistication, sexuality and mystery, so you should own it! There’s also the option of setting black as the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses! There are literally no cons and all pros to this. For example:
Black looks good on everyone, it’s slimming and you won’t have anyone crying about the colour washing them out (I mean, come on, there’s nothing a spray tan can’t fix). In whatever dress design you choose, there will always be a black option.
Think of the photos! Your closest gal pals by your side, you in white, the contrast will look elegant and sophisticated.

Summer wedding, black dressesSummer wedding, black dresses


We couldn’t have written an entire blog without leaving the jewellery out of course! Over the last few years, black wedding rings have become an increasingly popular option for men and women. They’re super lightweight and made from Zirconium, the fact that they look refined and eye-catching is just a bonus. At Larsen Jewellery, we offer both black diamond and Zirconium wedding bands which can even be customised in our Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane studios or online. We’ve been able to create rings featuring polished and matte finishes, gold sleeves as well as two-tone rings. Our customers considering black gemstone or Zirconium bands are really spoilt for choice. A quick mention for the ladies wanting to incorporate black into their wedding jewellery, you may like to consider a black sapphire, spinel or pearl as your stone of choice into either a pair of earrings or pendant. Pair it up with an art deco design in either rose or yellow gold for a striking contrast!

Zirconium wedding rings

Whether you choose to make your wedding black everything or just use pops of the colour, your wedding will be one to remember regardless. Have any other tips on how to incorporate black into your wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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