9 Unique Twists on the Bridal Bouquet

by Kate Reid
June 6, 2019 / Engagement and Weddings

Flowers aren’t every bride’s vision of the perfect bouquet. In fact, non-flower bouquets are more popular than ever with creative brides keen to express their unique personality. Here are nine of our favourite unconventional bridal bouquets.

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Fairy Floss

Forget peonies, roses, lilies and even natives. This year’s hot new bouquet trend is fairy floss. Yep, brides around the world are walking down the aisle clutching a huge ball of spun sugar. Lots of bridesmaids are in on the action, too. The super cute trend was first spotted in the US and it’s now all over social media (search for #cottoncandybouquet). Fairy floss bouquets are fun, whimsical, inexpensive and come in oodles of colours. Not to mention the perfect snack for peckish brides!

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Soft and elegant, feather bouquets add a touch of 1920s glam. They’re a perfect complement to vintage gowns and understated looks, but they can also be bold and dramatic. Think soft white feathers paired with sprigs of crystal for a classic vibe, ostrich feathers for old-world appeal and vibrant peacock feathers for colour and impact. One of the biggest advantages of feather bouquets is they’re light as a feather, so there’s no need to hold back on the size of the bouquet.

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Keen on a fresh bouquet minus the blooms? Look to succulents. Thanks to their unique shapes and drought resistance, succulents are more popular than ever in our gardens and florists. Perfect for garden weddings, bold succulent shapes bring an earthy ambience and flower-like appearance. The best bit is their structural diversity – some varieties of succulents grow in tight rosettes while others create a cascading shape. And they can be re-potted after the bouquet is deconstructed as a living, breathing reminder of the big day.

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Faux Flowers

Hand-crafted bouquets made from fabric, paper and even felt flowers offer the benefits of real flowers minus worries about heat stress, allergies and cost. They look almost exactly like the real thing and they’re so versatile – you can customise the colour, size and arrangement of faux flower bouquets to exactly what you’re after. There are plenty of online tutorials for creative brides keen to make their own bouquets. And, of course, faux flower bouquets last forever and make beautiful keepsakes after the wedding.

Fruit and Vegetables

Who knew fruits and vegetables could look so pretty in a bouquet? Think luscious leafy greens like kale, radishes and orange halves for pops of colour, apples, dragonfruit and artichokes for flower-like shapes, and sprigs of rosemary and sage to tie the whole look together. Unsurprisingly, this trend is becoming popular among eco-friendly brides and at outdoor country weddings, with many brides choosing in-season fruit and veg.

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Button bouquets – created from a selection of buttons paired with everything from pearls and lace to feathers and crystals – are popular among craft-loving brides who do things a little differently. Button bouquets go hand-in-hand with vintage nuptials, but they can be modern, too. Think a single, neutral colour, a mix of bright hues or a collection of chic rhinestone bling. You can DIY or use a professional, and there’s oodles of online inspiration.

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Brides are showcasing something old, new, borrowed and blue with brooch bouquets. A gift from years ago, a shiny new piece of bling, something belonging to your mum, a gorgeous turquoise stone and you’re set. Plus, there’s no need to limit the bouquet to just brooches – lots of brides are incorporating unpaired earrings, watch faces and strings of pearls into their designs. A word of caution: hold off on throwing a brooch bouquet as they can be very heavy!

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Pearls are a sophisticated, classic choice that will never go out of fashion, especially when it comes to bouquets. White pearls are the most popular choice, but brides are increasingly looking to pinks, ivories and even greys. Pearl bouquets are easily paired with matching earrings, necklaces and shoes.

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Think crochet and daggy doilies from the 60s may spring to mind, but you couldn’t be further from modern reality. Crochet is back in a big way – especially in the hands of brides. Soft ivory crochet flowers paired with strings of pearls and silk flowers look soft and beautiful. Bold red and pink crochet blooms look striking against a backdrop of native grasses. Crochet bouquets can be especially personal, with many brides enlisting the help of Mum or Nana and holding onto the end result as a family keepsake.

Which one of those is your favourite? Would you choose something a little unusual for your wedding bouquet? Let us know in the comments below👇👇👇

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