Alternatives to the Round Brilliant Diamond

by Kate Reid
April 1, 2018 / Engagement Rings

We love the round brilliant diamond, it is a classic cut that suits all designs from the traditional to some of the most contemporary. It sparkles with a brilliance that is second to none and earns its place as the most popular diamond cut. As much as we love this shaped diamond, we keep finding ourselves falling for alternative cuts that rival the round brilliant for its beauty.

When you are drawn to the round brilliant it is the sparkle and the form that catches your attention. Luckily for those that love this shape, there are other cuts with similar attributes. The oval, pear and cushion are all rising in popularity and are all wonderful options for those looking for something a little more unique.


Oval Shaped Diamond

The modern cut oval diamond was designed in the 1960s as an alternative to the round brilliant, is a great choice for women that love the fire of a round brilliant diamond but want something a bit out of the ordinary. It is elongated in appearance without any set length to width ratio, meaning you can find an oval diamond with the proportions to suit you, be it longer or more round. It also makes a wonderful option for those who wish to create the illusion of longer fingers.

Oval diamonds are an elegant choice and suit a range of styles from modern to vintage and from solitaires to three stone designs. Take a look at some of our favourites.

Pear Shaped Diamond

Pear shaped diamonds are perfect for those that are after something striking. The pear shape combines the oval and marquise to form a teardrop shape and displays spectacular brilliance to rival that of a round brilliant cut diamond. 

Tip: One thing to be mindful of when purchasing a pear-shaped diamond is the cut and symmetry. If the diamond has been cut poorly it will display a bowtie effect, two triangular dark patches across the narrowest part resembling a bow tie.

Cushion Shaped Diamond

The cushion has grown dramatically in popularity recently, and with Meghan Markle now wearing an exquisite three stone engagement ring featuring a cushion cut centre, we cannot see any slowing down of this trend. The cushion cut features rounded corners and can be square or rectangular in shape, an excellent choice for halo design engagement rings.

Read our comprehensive guide to selecting the diamond shape that’s right for you!

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