Sparkling Rose Gold Engagement Rings with Pink Diamonds

Pink on pink, it is the ultimate combination for a princess, for a girl who loves a touch of prettiness and when it comes to an engagement ring, this may well be her ultimate combination. Rose gold has made a huge comeback in recent years, perhaps even challenging the popularity of yellow and white gold. Some say it is a fad, but we think it is here to stay as it is undeniably beautiful and suits so many skin tones.

Rose gold set with pink diamonds or pink sapphires can be an exquisite combination. You may think the idea of pink on pink seems a little over the top but it can look beautifully soft and subtle. Pink diamonds and pink sapphires come in a range of colours from hot pinks and magentas through to soft pale tones. It is the soft pale tones that we think to make the most elegant combination when paired with rose gold. When you look at Blake Lively’s rings, it’s easy to see why. Blake Lively wears a stunning rose gold engagement ring with an oval pale pink diamond. The pink is so soft and the contrast is so subtle that it’s the perfect combination for those with a pink undertone in their skin tone.

Pink diamonds are a luxury, and larger ones even more so. The alternatives to pink diamonds are pink sapphires, morganites or, in Teresa Palmer’s case, a beautiful rose quartz. Rose quartz is not a common choice for an engagement ring as it quite soft however there is no denying that Teresa’s Palmer’s engagement ring is exquisite, featuring an oval rose quartz set into a rose gold band. We were so lucky to be able to view this stunning ring closely when we were fortunate to work with Palmer herself to design and make her beautiful, matching wedding ring.

Whether rose gold is set with pink diamonds, sapphires, morganites or rose quartz, this combination can be absolutely breathtaking and is no wonder so many women are catching on to this trend. Here are a few pink gemstone and rose gold rings that will help you start bubbling with ideas!

blake lively wedding ring

Blake Lively’s iconic engagement and wedding ring


The Rosetta Brilliant

ashlee simpson eng ring

Ashlee Simpson’s exquisite vintage-inspired Pink engagement ring.


The ‘Entwine’

Cameron Diaz’s non-traditional wedding and engagement ring combination

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