How to choose a wedding ring that complements your engagement ring

by Kate Reid
December 13, 2017 / Wedding Rings

These days, with engagement rings made in all colours and styles, there no longer is one wedding ring to suit all. The good news is, for each engagement ring, no matter how classic or unique, there is at least one wedding ring design that will complement it perfectly.

For some engagement rings, there is an obvious match and the choice is effortless. Other styles, often the most unique or bold designs, require a little more consideration to find that perfect fit. The wedding ring that creates just the right balance between with your engagement ring.

When choosing a wedding ring to complement your engagement ring, the first thing to determine is what kind of fit is required. Many engagement rings are designed to allow a traditional wedding ring to sit flush. These usually have a raised setting that allows a straight wedding band to run alongside the band of the engagement ring. However, some more elaborate designs or styles which have protruding settings, require a specially fitted wedding ring. The two most popular ways to do this are either contoured wedding rings that are curved to follow the line of the engagement ring or a wedding ring with a notch carved out to allow the engagement ring to slot into place.

Once you have worked out the fit, you can decide on the overall design. There are many ways to complement your engagement ring. You may wish for a perfect match, selecting a consistent choice of metal, diamond shape and setting style. Alternatively, you may feel a ring that provides an element of contrast might be the perfect way to enhance your engagement ring.

A few of our favourite styles include:

Mix Your Metals

If the metal colour of your engagement ring is white, you may consider complementing it with a contrasting coloured wedding ring. Rose gold wedding rings with white gold engagement rings are a match made in heaven.

Old & New

We adore refined, minimalist engagement rings and one thing we are loving at the moment is a stunning solitaire complemented by an elegant hand engraved wedding ring. This strikes a lovely balance between the old and new.

Wedding Ring Stacks

If there is one thing that is trending in a big way, in the world of jewellery it is ring stacks and engagement and wedding rings are no exception. Some ladies are choosing two wedding rings to create an eye-catching wedding and engagement ring stack, often using two contrasting designs that complement the engagement ring.

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