A Jeweller’s Guide to Rose Gold Engagement Rings

by Kate Reid
July 4, 2023 / Engagement Rings, Learn About Metals

Rose gold engagement rings are the epitome of beauty and elegance. With its soft, irresistible pink tone it represents the colour of love and therefore an appropriate choice for engagement rings. Rose gold is also rather versatile in that it suits almost any skin tone and looks beautiful against other coloured metals, especially white gold.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is an alloy made up of mostly gold and copper. It is the addition of copper that gives the pinkish tinge to the metal. Rose gold is commonly 9ct, 14ct or 18ct meaning the gold percentage is 37.5%, 58.5% and 75% respectively. 24ct rose gold is not possible, 24ct means it is 100% gold and therefore has no opportunity to add copper.

Rose gold is very similar to yellow gold in terms of durability. Unlike white gold, rhodium plating is not needed to maintain the desirable colour.

rose gold engagement rings

Is Rose Gold Popular?

Rose gold was traditionally used for years for engagement rings and fine jewellery but when the popularity of white gold soared in the 1920s, it left rose gold to fall in its shadow. However, in recent years rose gold has made a comeback; and a serious one at that. We believe it is safe to say this is not a passing phase, but a rediscovery that is here to stay.

What Diamonds and Gemstones Look Good In Rose Gold Engagement Rings?

Rose gold is a lovely choice for classic engagement rings particularly when teamed with white diamonds. Two other combinations we are loving are rose gold bands set with earthy tones such as champagne diamonds and also black gemstones teamed with rose gold. Champagne diamonds offer that hint of colour, creating a subtle blend with rose gold whereas black gemstones create a stark contrast and an almost medieval touch of drama.

Our Marbella Design features a morganite set in rose gold with contrasting white diamonds on the band.

The Bachelor Engagement Ring 2023 | Marbella Morganite

Even though we love traditional and classic rose gold rings, we can’t help swoon over fabulous rose gold designs whose uniqueness, no matter how bold or understated, takes centre stage.

Celebrities With Rose Gold Rings

Cementing the trend of rose gold are celebrities who have chosen rose gold over other precious metal options. A few of the most striking rose gold rings on famous hands include those that are worn by Alison Brie from Madmen, Brie’s engagement ring is one of our favourites, a double halo, rose gold stunner. We are also in love with Anna Camp’s emerald cut champagne diamond and rose gold ring and Whitney Port’s unique 3 carat diamond, rose gold engagement ring featuring five rows of pave set diamonds along the band.

Alison Brie

Anna Camp

Whitney Port

For those that adore rose gold, particularly when incorporated into a unique design, here is a selection of some of the most exquisite unique rose gold engagement rings:

The ‘Delta Trio’

Custom made rose and white gold twisted rope design

Rosetta Rose Gold Engagement Ring

The ‘Rosetta’

Malaya Rose Gold Engagement Ring

The ‘Malaya’

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