Is your girlfriend onto you? 5 ways to fake propose

by Kate Reid
November 17, 2018 / Engagement Rings

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When deciding that the time has come to propose, one of the biggest challenges you will be faced with is how to keep it a secret! If you are ready to propose then chances are your other half is watching your every move waiting for any hints you may accidentally leave behind. Maybe she won’t stop asking when it will happen or maybe a mutual friend has told her your plans, either way, it may take some of the joy out of the moment if she knows it is coming.

One of the best, and cheekiest, ways to counteract this suspicion is to plan a fake proposal. Now bear with us as this may sound extremely cruel but, with your heart in the right place and the intention for the real proposal not far away, this can be the ultimate way to ensure she gets a surprise when you finally do pop the question.

But two things first, be sure your partner is going to be able to handle the occasional fake proposal and secondly do not become a serial fake proposer! You could risk your relationship altogether!

The Romantic Weekend Away

There is nothing like a romantic weekend away for two to get her wondering about whether you are planning to pop the question! A weekend away is the perfect way to spoil her and although she might be disappointed when you fail to propose, she will still have appreciated the time away.

The Old ‘Tie the Shoe Lace’ Trick

Yes, it is a bit cruel, but one tried and tested tactic to fake a proposal is to spontaneously, preferably on a romantic evening out, drop to one knee only to tie your shoelace. If you look up briefly you may catch her face of disappointment and you know your plan is working.

April Fool’s Proposal

April Fool’s Day is the perfect day to go all out with a fake proposal. Just make sure your girlfriend has a good sense of humour and that you have the intention to propose in the not so distant future.

Sunset on the Beach

Whisk her away for a picnic on the beach at sunset and as the sun is setting stand up and begin to write something in the sand. As she is eagerly waiting for you to write “will you marry me?” instead write something along the lines of “I love you!”

The Serious Question

Whether it be at a dinner, a romantic walk or trip away find a moment to pull her aside and say you have something important to ask. Then build the moment up, until you finally ask something comparatively mundane. Such as “I want to go away with boys for a weekend” or “let’s go on a holiday” …

Whatever you do, your bride-to-be will remember your actual proposal forever so make sure that moment outshines all others. Have you got some tips for how to make a marriage proposal extra special? Please feel free to share your suggestions in the comments below.

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